Wednesday, July 21, 2010


reunited and it feels so good!

the last time we saw jada she was about 4 months old. she is now 10 months old and is still such a complete sweetheart. her smile lights up the room. i pretty much just want to keep her forever. i love babies! i miss having a little peanut around.

grampa joe and grama lola these pictures are for you! a picture-fest of your little granddaughters together! get ready to swoon...

July 2010 170

July 2010 178

July 2010 181

July 2010 186

July 2010 194

this is jada's mommy her name is sandy and she is chris' sister (in case you didn't know)

July 2010 219

this is me. jada wasn't too sure about the grass or having her picture taken.

July 2010 214

an attempt at a group picture with the girls. sophia was not feeling it and was actually picking grass and sprinkling it on me in this pic. jada just wanted her mommy. oh well. we will try again next visit!

July 2010 216


Ms.Mara said...

What nice pictures! Your niece is adorable. How fun that the girls were able to spend time together in that beautiful backyard.

Chris said...

Well, despite the not so great picture, you look terrific!

amanda said...

so so sweet friend :) i bet they have so much fun together!

hope your weekend was happy!! xoxo