Monday, June 21, 2010

oh yes, i am still alive!

i just blew the dust off my laptop.

sorry about that long hiatus!

i blame moving, unpacking and two year olds but mostly i blame horrible internet connections.

i was starting to get a twitch in my eye from the lack of internet time. apparently i need it to cope. i never knew i was so dependant until it was taken away.

for the time being i am hooked up to my dads router down in his office. so until i can figure out how to keep my computer from dieing every 30 seconds and risk myself chucking my computer across the room and breaking something terribly fragile i will have to sneak down into my dad's office. (i know that was a total run on sentence but frankly i hate grammar and dont really care, but i want you to know that i know).

so without further ado i present to you pictures of our new "une petite suite" as i call it.

Maple Ridge Move 2010 078

Maple Ridge Move 2010 079

Maple Ridge Move 2010 082

Maple Ridge Move 2010 111

Maple Ridge Move 2010 109

Maple Ridge Move 2010 103

Maple Ridge Move 2010 102

Maple Ridge Move 2010 089

Maple Ridge Move 2010 087

Maple Ridge Move 2010 090

was that enough photo's for you? because you know i have more.

we moved in on monday and we had the place ready by thursday. my mom hosted a pampered chef party on thursday and i knew there was going to be "tours" so i went into mad woman mode and didn't stop until it was done. my husband is very glad i am no longer drill sargent laura. there are still some finishing touches to do but for now...i am just going to take a deep sigh and relax.

there is always the secret garden and playhouse to go relax in...dont hate me, come join me! our doors are always open!!

Maple Ridge Move 2010 096

p.s. my mom wrote a cute post that you might like to see. i will also link up soon to all the before pictures as the suite was being built. or just have a peruse through her blog to see them! enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Laura!!! It's so you! I'm very happy for you and your little family to live in this little place surrounded by love and beauty! I choke up every time since the day your mom told me you were coming! Kiss Sophia for me. Love, Aunt Sandy

Gina Woods said...

OMG it looks SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! I love it all! The color is fantastic! You got your white and blue house! Love, love, love Sophia's wood wall! I am jealous that you are done. I feel like I am so in the thick of it right now and the house will need so much work once we are in that I won't get that feeling for a long time to come. Enjoy it!
Wish we were there to play with Sophia in the backyard. IT looks fantastic!

Chris said...

What a cute little place!!! Love the decorating.

Angela Choi said...

Wow!! Your place is SO cute and serene! and is it really that tidy all the time? LOL
Glad that you have such a beautiful, special place to call home! Can't wait to see it in person some day! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it~ I will come and visit soon...
So glad you are back, I missed you guys so much

Sara Brown said... are you! I am so excited to see it in person...I am feeling a classic movie is in order for the night I arrive!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh that is a super cute little place! I LOVE the white and blue! Love it! I want to copy that! Really, it looks so fresh and clean and happy!!!

Glad to read about you guys again!

Anonymous said...

I love your new petite suite. It looks so cute and comfortable. I'm sure Sophia is in heaven having a home so close to Grama and Grampa, as I'm sure they're in heaven having her there too! Enjoy your new home!
Aunt Manuela

amanda said...

i am in love and want to book my tickets to come play yesterday!! seriously honey it is beautiful!!!

ps - and for the record we can never see too many pictures :)

My Little Corner said...

Your Petite Sweet Suite looks totally awesome....actually a little too awesome! Do ya think you could drop like maybe a scrap of paper or something on the floor? ....'cause it's surely magazine quality now!