Tuesday, June 29, 2010

enjoying the days

we are settling in quite nicely over here.

so nicely that i am having too much fun and not enough blog time.

my computer situation remains the same so that really puts a damper on things.

i will use my husbands desktop for now since my laptop remains for whatever reason determined to not keep an internet connection. all my favorites are stored in my laptop and i need to transfer it all over. but it kinda breaks my heart to not be using my pretty laptop. i have been stubborn about transferring things over. i have transferred enough things lately.

auntie sara came for a visit and sadly left yesterday. it was so nice to see her. we all just need to live in the same area gosh darnit! that goes to you too auntie gina. lets all just move here and we can live happily ever after. the end.

we love our space and it is working out quite smoothly. of course it never looks as tidy as it does in the pictures i took. i like to make you think it actually looks like that all the time and that i am the perfect housewife, hehe. so not the case.

sophia and i have a new favorite hangout. its called golden ears park and it is fabulous! all it is missing is our buddies from our calgary mommy groups! it is such a beautiful park. it has tons of trees surrounding, huge playgrounds for all different ages, a fantastic water park and a river that runs through and little trails perfect for a two year old. we could spend all day there. when it is time to go sophia gets quite upset. we went there this morning and i told sophia we had to go home for lunch. she was none too pleased about that. the only reason she agreed to come home was because she accidentally stepped in a pile of dog poop on our way to the car. for those that know sophia and her one liners guess what she said?? "i smell something" haha. only auntie sara and grama will get that joke. anyways we love it there and pretty sure it will be an almost daily spot to visit.

Copy of DSC_0210

Copy of DSC_0224

Copy of DSC_0222

Copy of DSC_0223

Copy of DSC_0233

Copy of DSC_0247

Copy of DSC_0249

all in all it is beautiful here, we are so happy to be near grama and grampa but we miss our friends back in calgary terribly. it leaves an ache in my heart to not be with them. i am not worried about meeting new friends. we already have some new friends here it is just a sadness of leaving our friends behind. sophia has asked a few times if her friends could come over. it breaks my heart. sophia starts pre-school in september and i know she will have lots of new buddies to play with soon. but we miss you all in calgary so much!!

on june 25th it was chris and my 5th year wedding anniversary. on a last minute impromptu kind of thing we dressed sophia up in our flower girls dress. my mom has had the dress hanging in her change room waiting for the day we could dress sophia in it. chris and i were on our way out the door for dinner but of course we had time to take some pictures of our sweet pea!!






proof we are here too and on our anniversary...on our way out to dinner


sophia loves to help me cook and bake, we were making muffins this day


some random pictures, but i love her outfit in this one


my tween chatting it up on her phone

Copy of DSC_0181

getting ready with grama


extreme close up of my sweetie

Copy of DSC_0193

i have yet to mention that auntie sara and i went on a last minute "lets go to the states right now" adventure. it was so much fun. i ransacked target. it made me very happy. sophia and i walked away with lots of new loot. i will post pictures soon. it was a good time and just what my little states loving heart needed!!



Saundra said...

The all of the pictures and the park looks fabulous. Sophia looks like she is getting to be such a big girl, so hard to believe that they are almost 3. Miss you.

amanda said...

it's so funny bc when i was telling the hubs that you moved all i could think about was "when will she head state side for target"!! and you did it!!! i bet you were in heaven!!

and settling in to your new world sounds just lovely friend..the park is beautiful, her in the flower girl dress is adorable and most importantly your five year anniv!! happy, happy anniv friend :)

so happy to "hear" so much happiness in your voice!