Tuesday, June 1, 2010

almost at the finish line

currently i am sitting in my parents kitchen listening to sophia tell my mom she is hungry and here i sit as grama takes over and gets her a snack. we are listening to rosemary clooney. lovely tunes from the 50's. sophia is sporting a pink tutu. prancing all around. playing with buttons and getting into grama's china cabinet. bliss.

my eyes are blurry and tired but i am happy. i keep thinking we have to go home. but wait, we are home. it's a very odd feeling. our suite is almost done. we should be able to paint on monday. my dad will start to install the hard wood floors on monday as well. hoping to be living in the suite by the end of next week. can't wait to have our belongings which will also arrive on monday. i am a girl who loves her space and her things.

looking forward to getting back to a new normal and a new routine for sophia. she is all over the map right now. long naps in the afternoon equals late nights equals tired family. she rocked the ten hour car drive. can i get a hallelujah for portable dvd players! seriously amazing. i was more whiny and annoyed at the ten hour drive then she was.

i am still wrapping my head around everything. so hard to put into words. i hope to start feeling like i am in my own skin again very soon. i also hope my stress acne goes away. so very annoying. im 31 not 13 thank you very much.

i think i might even exhale pretty soon.

sitting in her new butterfly swing grampa bought...

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 122

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 127

sophia and grama crocheting or as sophia calls it sewin. i sewin mommy.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 132

my soon to be kitchen. love it. the walls will be painted a grey/blue. cant wait.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 135

us being special.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 154

daddy being extra special in his new get up.
daddy installed insulation with grampa in the attic.
you thought it was pretty funny. so did mommy.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 145

story time with grama. she is showing you one of her altered books she made that was full of baby sophia pictures. you loved it.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 156

tea party time. grama let you get out all the dishes by yourself. you set the table and cut the banana bread. pretty sure you thought you were in heaven. we all enjoyed the tea party with you.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 166

here you are dancing to miss clooney with grama while mommy tries to gather her thoughts into a blog post.

Maple Ridge Move May 2010 174

good times indeed.


Gina Woods said...

Ahh, it looks like so much fun! Wish we were there too. Sophia just looks so grown up in these pictures. What a sweety! Thanks for posting all of the pictures. It is fun to see you guys there. Keep us posted!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Oh, Laura. We are truly blessed to live so close to our parents (or under the same roof, in your case!). I can't put into words what it's like to watch my child with my parents. It truly warms the heart. Hope you all get settled and find some peace and quiet sooner than later in your own space. Hope to visit soon!

amanda said...

first of all can i pretty please come over and sit on your mom's back porch? that is beautiful!!! the whole house looks amazing! and your new kitchen? honey it's awesome!!

so glad you are starting to breathe again...just remember this is a big transition and to take it easy on your self. baby steps :)

ps - sophia's hair is getting soooo long and pretty!!

Saundra said...

Hi Laura, It tooks so beautiful there. Glad to hear you made to without any problems. Enjoy every moment and we will talk to you soon.

Sara Brown said...

SO nice to see pictures of you guys...wish I was there!