Thursday, May 13, 2010

so much to say... hard to put it in writing.

lately i have been feeling so many emotions. so much is going on yet i am having a hard time articulating what i am feeling.

happiness, sadness, feeling sure about our decision, feeling unsure about our decision, excited for all the great happy times to come, feeling sad to leave all the great and happy times we have had.

i have never in my life felt so many mixed emotions. i am sure i sound like a broken record.

i don't think i have told you my plan here on the blog. my friends and family know the plan but my dear bloggy friends don't.

the plan is that we are moving back home. back home as in my parents suite. we will go from being far away to being very close.

the "suite"as we call it was basically a large room with a half bathroom. there was a one car garage attached as well that they used for storage. the suite is connected to the house on ground level but has it's own seperate entrance.

my amazing, awesome, most generous dad is building it into a proper apartment for us.

my talented sister sara designed the plans for a two bedroom, one bathroom and kitchen suite.

ernest a man from my parents church has been helping my dad for the last week do the plumbing and installing the shower and all the not so fun behind the scenes stuff. the stuff that takes the most time and energy yet you don't really see the results. thank you ernest!!

there will be more amazing people helping my dad finish the suite. my parents are incredible people and they have friends that are willing to take time out of their lives to help them and to help our family. we are blessed beyond measure.

i think that is why i am finding it hard to put just how much this means to me in writing. it is just so amazing.

i cant wait to be there!! sophia is going to be blissful living at my parents, enjoying the garden and playing in the life size playhouse they have in the backyard. i look forward to all the memories that will be made.

this morning i had a bite of froot loops. i haven't eaten froot loops since i was ten.

for fun chris bought sophia those mini boxes of cereal. the kind you would buy to go camping.

the point of this froot loop flashback is this. i took one bite of the froot loops and i was instantly whisked back to sitting at my grandparents white kitchen table while on summer vacation in california. sitting there with my sisters and my cousins eating our froot loops and counting down the minutes until we could go jump in their pool. i have so many memories from my grandparents home. i could write novels about all the memories i have.

i know sophia is only two but i think about all the great memories she is going to have with her grandparents. simple things like froot loops. except it will probably be oats or some natural organic cereal because my parents dont really do froot loops, haha!

i am thrilled to get to this next place in our life and sad to say goodbye to my amazing friends here.

broken record, i know.

and on a side note...

i seem to forget to pick up my camera these days. sophia is not a fan. she really makes it quite difficult to get any great photos of her. can i get an amen for being two and a half?

the only reason i got these photos is because i told her i was going to take pictures of her fishy swimsuit. that she obliged too. at least i can still sorta kinda outsmart her. it wont be very long until i can't.

we have been busy having playdates upon playdates to soak up this time with our friends. we went swimming on tuesday with a bunch of friends it was a blast.

i always have to get a swimsuit picture because i cant resist my little in one. we were given some hand me downs recently and this cute fishy suit was one of them. sophia adores it. she really loves that one of the fishies has a bow on it. such a girly, girl!

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Sara Brown said...

I completely understand the emotions you are feeling...I am confident you will be very happy once the move is over and done with. You will be missed in Alberta by us all!

amanda said...

the suite sounds divine friend.

and truly i can understand the mixed bag of emotions - the highs and lows seem to jumble together and your mind just seems to turn to mush!

is it sad that i am singing the girl scout song? "make new friends but keep the old"...pretty sure that's what this new chapter will be like for you friend.

sending lots of happy thoughts and extra hugs :)

ps - little miss is as adorable as always!!

Ms.Mara said...

I saw the suite the other day and I think it is going to be fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing you guys. :)

Gina Woods said...

Don't worry Laura, I think what you are feeling is completely normal. I think that once you get there you will start to feel more secure. Love you! I need to call you soon.


My Little Corner said...

It is ok to be sad and happy all at the same time. Change never seems to be easy.....but you will be happy Laura and your new apartment will be awesome!

Does it get any better?

Your sis designed it...your mom is overseeing it...and your dad is doing it...

Welcome home!