Thursday, May 20, 2010

jump for joy

May 2010 141

6 more days until we move!

mommy may be full of mixed emotions but sophia is nothing but excited to go live at grama and grampa's. we are in the midst of crazy, messy packing. sophia keeps saying..."im gonna bring this to grama's"..."i need that at grampa's house"...."i can watch that movie at grama and grampa's". so cute!! if she see's a toy on tv or a movie she wants to watch and i tell her "we don't have that toy/movie"....her reply matter of factly is "i can have that at grama's". hahaha! my response is "well maybe, we'll see" sorry g & g! i swear i didn't teach her that. her old stand by response was "mom, we go buy that at the store?" oh if it was only that easy sophia!


anyways she is excited and chris and i are excited!! i get my dream white cabinet kitchen, just on a smaller scale, which i am totally cool with!! the bigger the house the bigger the mess!

i love simplifying.

i don't have a lot of time to post or visit. just wanted to get some cute pics up of my sophia for her grama's and grampa's. had to get your photo fix in for you!

also, i just need to add that sophia is awesome. she is blooming every day. two and a half is a very sweet age. there may be attitude and meltdowns but the sweetness trumps it all. i could not be more in love with my daughter.

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peace out xo


Chelle said...

Awww! Look how adorable she is! I can't believe you're already, honey!!

So happy for you guys!! And I lol'd about the grama & grampa buying her things, haha! SO cute!

My Little Corner said...

She'll just bat those big eyes and Grama & Grampa and that'll be galore!

BabaLinda said...

Grama LInda's delight!!!!!!

Gina Woods said...

What a cute little outfit little miss sophia has on!
That is great that she is so excited!

amanda said...

she is truly adorable honey. and such an amazing fashion sense!!