Monday, May 3, 2010

done deal

we officially sold our house on april 30th. all the conditions were removed. a big sigh of relief was had! i am getting more and more excited for the move. then i get sad again. i love my friends here so much. but i know it is the right decision. ever since we made the decision to move things are falling into place.

one of the really exciting things that will take place this fall is that sophia will start pre-school!!!!

let's just take a moment to take that in.

holy cow.

didn't i just have her, isn't she only a few months old??

i am excited for her. she has never been in daycare so this will be her first time "away from home". she really needs that sense of independence. she has lots of social play with other kids already, but this will be different. she will have to learn to interact with other kids without mommy standing by to come to the rescue. i know she will be really nervous at first. or maybe i will be really nervous at first. it might be harder on me than on her.

it starts in september and will be tuesday and thursday mornings from 8:45am-11:30am. i am hoping she will be a little more mature and ready by then. she will turn 3 the month after pre-school starts (again what?! 3!!)

but for now she still is my little 2.5 year old and i cherish this age. i know how fast it goes. next thing you know i will be writing how she is entering junior high. waahhh!

today was a day to cherish. sophia went bowling for the first time. yes that's right i said bowling!

sophia and her best buddy alex velcro'd up their bowling shoes and lived it up!!

ready, set, go...


very pleased with herself

May 2010 058

look out kids let the professional show you how it's done ;)

May 2010 065

they have small bowling balls in canada...perfect for buff two year olds!

May 2010 060

sophia breakin the law, breakin the law!! walking on the alley as alex looks on with terror!

May 2010 077

alright this is where my computer froze while uploading pictures and i ran out of energy to do anything about it. i have more pictures but you get the drift. it was fun. sophia and alex were beyond excited. i think sophia would have been happy to just wear the shoes and slide around the shiny floors pretending to ice skate. she did a lot of that ;)


amanda said...

whoo hooo on the done deal!! great news friend :)

and the bowling? seriously adorable!! with the little bowling balls? totally perfect!!

Chris said...

Yeah! congrats on the sold house.

Love the bowling pictures. I think I would be a better bowler if I bowled in Canada. :)