Saturday, May 22, 2010

final countdown

4 more days to go!

May 2010 174

somebody is excited!!

we will be leaving on the 26th and driving to chris' parents for a couple days before we venture towards our final destination.

sophia will be blissed out.

my amazing moms and babies group (that we joined when sophia was 3 months old) blessed sophia with a portable dvd player and a caillou dvd!!

caillou is sophia's drug of choice. she is addicted. i have a love/hate relationship with him. but he keeps my girl quiet and happy when needed!!

they also gave me a gift card to my favorite spot to!! they know me too well :) thanks so much you guys! you really mean the world to me!

my church moms with little ones group surprised me with a large custom mug that they all wrote personal messages on and i will cherish it always!! love those girls!!

my generous friend jeannie threw us a big bbq shindig at her place last weekend to say one last farewell before we move. it was nice to have both my mommy groups mix and mingle. these girls changed my life forever and i love them sooo much!!!

how special do i feel right now?? i have amazing, amazing friends, i am one lucky girl!!

our pod container just arrived.

this is it, time to fill 'er up!!

sophia is staying the weekend with auntie sara so we can get down to business without distractions. what will we do without our auntie sara?! words aren't even big enough to describe the love we have for her!

must go before chris catches me on the computer and not packing ;)


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amanda said...

yipppeeee!!! so glad the t-minus to the big day is going well - parties, hugs and boxes!

thinking of you ....