Sunday, April 25, 2010

thank you

for my 31st birthday my sister sara and my mom spoiled me with new kitchenware.

originally my interior designer rock star sister was going to buy me new paint and make me new curtains to say goodbye to the red and say hello to grey blue.

but since we decided to sell our house they decided that kitchenware was the way to go.

i feel so completely spoiled!!

my kitchen utensils/dishes looked like i was in college struggling to get by with everybody elses old kitchen stuff.

it was embarrassing. the mish mash utensils. chipped dishes. barely usable can opener.

they took pity on me and took me shopping.

we shopped at homesense (my most favorite canadian store ever) and superstore (another favorite) they both have great deals and great products!

i am one happy momma!!

the simplicity of nice things that i chose makes me feel so good.

giving the rest to goodwill and de-cluttering my kitchen made me feel so happy and content.

i love nothing more than to de-clutter and simplify these days.

i always feel more capable more patient and most happy when my house is clean tidy and organized.

add some chilled out music and a candle burning and well that equals pure bliss.

check out my new kitchen loot


classic white dishes and serving bowls

the second set of white bowls have a lovely damask etched pattern on

fun blue popcorn bowl and cereal bowls

cute mini bowls for sophia snacks (much like scooby snacks)

a matching set of brushed steel silverware

a really fun green spatula

well you get the picture...i love it all.

i feel like a proper adult now. it's about time.

thank you sara and mom!

(this is where i would put a big puffy heart if i could)

you guys blessed me so much...


your little sister and your youngest daughter



BabaLinda said...

love the hair do
and you are welcome!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

I love Superstore and Homesense! Perhaps a shopping trip is in order when you have some free time here!

amanda said...

wait don't laugh but did i miss your birthday?? my memory sucks....uhm so happy belated birthday??

ps - the new kitchen stuff is awesome!!

Ms.Mara said...

I LOVE shopping for kitchen stuff. Well, kitchen stuff and baby girl clothes. Both are fun! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday.

My Little Corner said...

Nice birthday haul on the kitchen goodies!

They are so attractive that I took a second look at mine which, comparitively speaking, look like Sally Ann rejects!

You've encouraged me to shop Laura....I appreciate that!

Becks said...

yps - yes, i am all game for a shopping trip with you, let's win the lottery first, it will be much more enjoyable that way :)

amanda - yes some how or other i turned 31 on the 19th of is that possible? i still think i am 15!

sheila - i am glad i inspired you to shop! hehe i am all for supporting someones shopping habits!

tamara - yes any kind of shopping i love too...looks like me and you will also have to have a shopping trip in the going to go but a lotto ticket right now ;)