Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i know that title is completely full on dorky.

however i wanted to let you guys know that in fact changes are indeed happening in the land of pearson.

we are moving back to vancouver!

we couldn't keep doing what we were doing and something had to give.

we are taking a leap of faith and i hope we land softly.

the 'for sale' sign went up today.

we should be listed on mls tomorrow.

deep breaths, deep breaths.

i have never had such mixed emotions in my life.

i will go into more details later.

but right now i am going to go watch lost.

because i have been a non-stop cleaning, organizing freak for the last 3 days.

peace out my friends



BabaLinda said...

you know i'm your biggest fan

amanda said...

honey this is HUGE news!! big congrats on taking the leap - i am sure you will land better off than you ever even dreamed :)

keep us posted on all the details!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Change is sometimes wonderful...especially when it is done in faith! I'm with Amanda...keep us posted! Clean away girl!