Thursday, April 1, 2010

this outfit brought to you by sophia

some days i let sophia pick out her clothes.

days where we are just at home and playing in the backyard.

some days her chosen outfits are totally adorable.

today not so much.

even though there is leopard print, hearts, a quilted asian jacket, polka dots and dora all mixed in there, somehow she makes it work.

don't let miss pouty mcpouty face fool you....she is very proud of her creation!

April 2010 019

April 2010 045

April 2010 024

hi lilly cat!

April 2010 039


we are heading out tomorrow to spend easter with chris' parents.

i made sophia this little quilted easter bag the other day

March 2010 466

i made it while these two diva's napped

March 2010 459

somehow i channelled suzie homemaker that day.


i wish you all could have just witnessed sophia's monumental freak out over a bug outside just now. wow. that was impressive. after i calmed her down i put her down for a nap (yes, she is back on naps hallelujah praise the lord) she made me close her door and "lock it" so that no bugs could come in. i think we have sara number two people ;)

see you later peeps! happy easter!

March 2010 476


Chris said...

That girl could pull off any outfit. She is too cute!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

I think it's a great idea to allow her to choose her clothes - it's creative! She is too cute!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Hehe! I have a hard time letting Allikaye pick her own outfits...I'm too matchy I guess...gotta let it go! But I love the photo skillz on those pictures...her facial expressions are awesome!
And Allikaye is a bug freaker-outer too!! Crazy...where did she learn it? ME!!!

Happy Easter friend!!!

P.S. LOVE that Easter bag you made!!

BabaLinda said...

Sophia is embracing her inner know what i'm talkin the bag. it's adorable. good job.

Sara Brown said...

Hahaha...she really is like me in so many the photos...

amanda said...

uhm seriously that face in the 3rd pic?? edible!! i sooo love her honey i just want to squeeze her up!!

safe and happy easter travels :)