Saturday, January 9, 2010

oh what fun was had

Hello Jada Mae!

Jada Mae Visits!

How cute are you??

We had so much fun with you and your mommy!

Sophia still talks about you and lays her babies down and changes them just like Aunt Sandy did with you.

We miss you already and hope you don't grow too much before we see you again!!

Ready to hit the town and go shopping!!


"Hi baby", "Hi Jada" - Sophia would say those words every time she saw her

Jada Mae Visits January 2010 004

Sophia was all about holding hands with Jada!

Jada would grab onto her fingers and Sophia would beam with happiness and giggle.

She LOVED Jada so much!!

Sophia always wanted Jada to hold her hand, so cute!

Sophia taught her younger cousin the joys of peek-a-boo!

Sophia taught Jada peek-a-boo!

Jada got a matching hat just like Sophia's! We tried to get a posed picture of this but somebody was not feeling the vibe to have her picture taken..oh well!!

Quite simply the cutest pic of Jada!!

Jada got a matching hat like Sophia's!

How much did my heart hurt saying goodbye to Jada and Sandy!

Also, can we just say baby fever happening in me!! I am so ready to have another baby! I was ready to have another baby when Sophia turned one, heck I was ready when Sophia was 6 months...

We just need to work on my husband feeling the same way mmmkay?!

Prayers are always welcome ;)


Young Pop Sophisticate said...

I'm ready for #2 too!

Ms.Mara said...

Lovely pics. Your niece is adorable! I understand about wanting another baby. I'd like another one too, but I think I'm going to wait until my Elysia at least sleeps through the night... And is potty trained... And stops teething. :-)

Gina Woods said...

She is too cute! Lola is cooing away at her. Can't wait for Sophia to meet Lola!

Chelle said...

Awww! Sophia is going to be a great big sister!

And saying prayers that baby #2 will be happening soon, sweetie! It truly is wonderful. xoxo

Chris said...

Cute! Hoping that hubby starts warming up to the idea of baby #2!!!

amanda said...

so sweet the two of them together!!