Monday, January 4, 2010

jada mae is coming!

Auntie Sandy and cousin Jada Mae are coming for a visit tomorrow!!

That means we pulled out all of Sophia's baby items.

We pulled out the bucket car seat

Sophia making sure the car seat is still comfy!

Baby Bubbles in the car seat

We pulled out the bumbo

Now it's babies turn!

We also set up the playpen with the bassinet and the floor play mat.

Pictures were not taken.

As much as Sophia wanted to play in the bassinet I said no.

Otherwise it would be a broken bassinet and we can't have that!

It will be fun to have a baby in the house again!

Then at the end of the month my sister Gina, Sam and baby Lola will visit!

Yay! Good times ahead!


Chelle said...

Such cute pictures!

Isabella is constantly putting one of her babies in Madelyn's Bumbo--too cute!

Have a great visit honey! xoxo

BabaLinda said...

I will love to see how Sophia relates with Jada Mae. She'll think she has a live dolly in the house. Take lots of pictures of the cousins. How cute is that going to be??? What a big girl Sophia is now...

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh yay! Have fun! Sophia's shirt...heehe!
Did you see your shout out on my blog?

amanda said...

honey how crazy is it to see them in their old "baby" stuff!! they are such big girls now!!

but still our babies :)