Saturday, January 2, 2010


I don't even know where to begin?

Really, I am at a loss for words.

Shocking I know!

Let's just do a picture essay shall we?

I only have a bazillion million pictures to share.

I keep this blog so that down the road I can remember all the good times that we share and do with our precious little girl.

Sometimes I feel I don't do it justice.

I want to write down more but when I have a chance I don't feel inspired or feel the inclination. So my posts may be sporadic or they may come in bunches when the mood strikes.

Sophia keeps me busy especially since she decided sleeping really isn't that cool anymore.

She is talking up a storm. I am amazed daily.

Today when she woke from her nap (a small new years miracle) I went into her room and picked her up out of bed and she hugged me tight and said "thanks mom for my new pillow, it's nice".

My heart melted.

But you wanna know the funny part??

Her pillow isn't new...haha it's her same ol' pillow she's had forever!

Funny little munchkin, how I LOVE you!!

So with no further ado here are some photos of our very magical, full of special memories Christmas!!

The perfect Christmas tree at Auntie Sara and Uncle Dave's house!

My parents flew in on the 21st and we spent our Christmas at Sara and Dave's house in Canmore.

We didn't want to leave. ever.

Christmas 2009 014

On Christmas Eve we met Martha the reindeer.

There were five other reindeer there. We let them go since we knew they had a busy night ahead of them!

Christmas 2009 084

Christmas 2009 091

Sophia and daddy posing in front of the gingerbread house I slaved over (i'm using the sarcasm font)

Christmas 2009 080

Christmas 2009 072

Having fun with Grampa Bob one morning!

Christmas 2009 058

Perfect storybook frozen pond ice skating was had (minus any real skates)

Christmas 2009 151

Christmas 2009 176

Christmas 2009 169

Christmas 2009 119

Christmas 2009 111

Sugar cookies and gingerbread were decorated...


'Christmas present mountain' was climbed and conquered!

Christmas 2009 220

Christmas 2009 203

Christmas 2009 215

Enter Christmas morning...

Boom! Hello new indoor cutest play house ever!

Christmas 2009 292

Even Grampa Bob likes it!

Christmas 2009 297

Princess Sophia complete with tiara!

Christmas 2009 321

Meet Ariel.

Ariel now goes everywhere with her!

She trades between Ariel and her Strawberry Shortcake doll. Ahh it's fun to be a girl!

Christmas 2009 317

Christmas evening outfit.

Mommy forgot to fix my hair, oh wait, no I just wouldn't let her...

Christmas 2009 302

Let the feasting begin!!

Let the feast begin!

Thank you Auntie Sara for hosting us at Christmas! It was truly awesome!

And a big shout out to my parents who spoiled me with kindness and generosity! I love you all so much!!

More to come soon!

We spent the next few days after Christmas at Chris' parents house in scenic Kimberley BC!

Lots of great times including Sophia's first time tobogganing and friendly deer everywhere you look!

So much fun!!


BabaLinda said...

Ah, the post I've been waiting for! Good job, honey. Precious memories. Good times.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh how fun! I just have to say that you dress that pretty princess in the best clothes! That sweater dress! Cute! And where did you get the silhouette shirt?! Love it! That indoor playhouse is precious...and Sophia looks so happy!!! Happy new year to you my friend!!! I wish you and Sophia could come to CO for Allikaye's princess tea party bday party!!! How fun would that be?!

amanda said...

looks like the perfect christmas friend!! and the new playhouse? awesome!! and the silhouette shirt? adorable!!

can't wait to see more of your holiday fun!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Okay I'm back!
I just wanted to say that your comments always make me smile!
And I am so thankful that we are bloggy friends!
That's all!!!

Sara Brown said...

Ahh great post sis! I miss you already!

My Little Corner said...

What an awesome Christmas you had!
Sophia looks like a princess....

Chris said...

What a magical Christmas!

Ms.Mara said...

It looks like you guys had a fabulous Christmas. I loved your pics! I'm really glad you were able to spend Christmas with your sis and parents.