Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy times

My immediate family came for a visit last week. We stayed two nights in beautiful Canmore. It was so lovely and the time went by too quickly!! I just wish we all lived in the same place gosh darnit.

Here is a re-cap of our adventures in Canmore.

Sophia immediately stole and horded all of cousin Sam's toys.

followed by jumping on the deck (a new and cute skill for Sophia)

A beautiful walk beside the lake and mountains

Attempting to be Maria from the Sound of Music

Sophia was not into it.
But Sam makes a cute Maria!

our light haired beauty queen

who is up there on the bench?
Why it's Grama of course! Hello world

DAY 2 - helicopter adventure!

Sam was so excited to go on Uncle Dave's helicopter!!

But then decided that he got "a little nervous"

Next year buddy, next year!
(auntie Gina and her cute baby bump)
Daddy looking pretty cool

Not mentioning names but somebody fell asleep on the 10 minute drive there.
(me in the silver car waving)

Grampa Bob and pilot Uncle Dave enjoying the rocky mountain views!

Auntie Sara looking fierce!

A good time was had by all!

We spent the two days in Canmore and then another day in Calgary at our house. I would love to say that Sophia was on her best behaviour but i found myself saying "she normally isn't like this"...a lot! Now that everyone is gone and life is back to normal she is her darling charming self.

Little stinker pot.

She is cutting her eye teeth and that has been fun!!

She has so many words now and is quite honestly at the funnest age. I can't handle the love I have for her. It is indescribable, even when she is being a stinker pot.

I need to write a post on all things Sophia very soon. I want to remember all the funny quirky things she gets up to. Time is really flying by me and I feel like I need to press the pause button to catch up. I was driving home yesterday and realized that oh my gosh Sophia turned 20 months that day. That means she will be two in 4 months. I almost had a coronary realizing this.
I still need to wrap my head around the idea of her being two. I still feel like she is my little baby. I am sure i will still be saying this when she is 30. I know my mom says it to me but now I get it.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...

Love the post and comments. Sophia was a charming little girl while we visited, so don't fret over her personality quirks. We all saw the Sophia we love and cherish.

The pictures are very warm and life-giving. Makes me want to go back and walk some more around that lake.

Sophia, grampa Bob says "HI"

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Hi Laura,

It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family!


BabaLinda said...

Love everything about this post - the pictures, the journaling, the new back drop. I loved seeing our adventures through your eyes. it was such a delightful time and I will cherish the memories! I was also soooo glad to see the pictures on the hill because I kept wondering why they weren't on my camera! I forgot you had yours too and am I ever glad you did! I miss you and Chris and Sophia so much... Can't wait till our next visit! Love Mom

amanda said...

a) love the new look

b) your pics with the mountains are amazing!! can i come visit?

c) beans would be beside herself to go for a ride in the helicopter - she is obsessed with helicopters!!

d) 20 months?? crazy right? didn't we just celebrate them turning one?? we almost have two year olds honey?? if you find the pause button will you send it my way?

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics and you both! Auntie S.

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Chris said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? An all Sophia post would be great!

Looks like a wonderful time in the mountains. And if you lived closer, you might not value that time as much... Makes you appreciate those visits. ;)