Friday, June 26, 2009

garage sale mayhem

I don't usually go to garage sales.

Not that I don't like them but because I am too lazy to get up that early and drive around to find them. (I get lost going to the grocery store)

However last Saturday I decided to go with my friend. She was the navigator/driver so we were safe there.

Our first stop was your average ho hum nothing special garage sale. I bought a golden book for 50 cents. (a rip off if I had known what was to come)

Our second stop was like finding a little girls dream fairy princess garage sale. I had hit the mother load. I became frantic and started piling. I couldn't stop, it was glorious. This garage sale was every girls paradise including mine.

It was the second and last stop on our trip. I needed no more. Nothing could top this.

I was on a garage sale high for the whole day. I declared to anyone and everyone about my amazing deals and finds. I am still on a bit of a high from it.

And guess who was the happiest little girl ever!!!

All of the toys pictured except the highchair were from the garage sale, holy toys batman.

(pictures are from my fuzzy blackberry)

doll bed that Sophia claimed as her own!

The lady who had the garage sale was basically giving things away. It was so cheap it hurt. Lady whoever you are I thank you and my daughter thanks you! I was very close to driving back again later to score more goodies, but I resisted. Ok more like Chris stopped me because I was obsessed.

Two side notes -

A. I usually don't let my house look like this. That day was an exception. I have tried not to let my house be taken over by plastic toys. It is hard not to. I have been really good about it...until the garage sale day! (it is now all in it's respective places and in cute storage bins) Who am i kidding? I have lost the battle of plastic toys. I am letting it go. It makes my girl happy so it makes me happy. end rant.

B. Yes, to the keen eyes out there Sophia is wearing a swim diaper over top of her real diaper and her pj shorts. Not sure how to explain this other than I left her with daddy while I garage saled it up and this is what she was wearing when I came home. In Chris' defence she is very convincing on what she wants to wear. Especially when it comes to swimwear.

Peace out. I have some Strawberry Shortcake videos to go watch with my girl.


Scrappy Girl said...

The plastic toys have taken over here! I just love to watch them play. btw...the same type Dora couch in the picture used to grace our living room...boy that thing lived hard!

amanda said...

wow honey you did hit it big!! yay for you and little miss!!

she you don't even need target :)

The Crocks said...

I'm so jealous of all the things you got!!! Go you, girlfriend!! Also, I was totally going to ask about the swimmy diaper. :)

Chris said...

I was just like you at first. I hated garage sales until I realized all you could get for cheap! Something about the kids that makes you become a garage sale lover!