Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's start with Christmas Eve

Ooops has 5 days already passed since Christmas? My bad.

I am just now recovering from my turkey coma.

Let's get up to date shall we?

We had a wonderful and white Christmas. Chris has two weeks off so we have been enjoying him home all day long. Sophia is going to go into shock once daddy has to go back to work.

We spent Christmas Eve over at Auntie Sara and Uncle Dave's house.

Auntie Sara is a culinary genius and we dined on fabulous appetizers all night long!

Here are the pics from Christmas Eve!

We are having soooo much fun!!

Having a merry old time laughing at daddy's juggling skills!

Making daddy juggle ALL the oranges!

Sophia wearing her pretty handmade gifts from Auntie Sara! Sara is also a creative genius and made Sophia this chic robe and matching pillow and blankie!

"The Filipino Cutie" as dubbed by Uncle Dave

Attempt at a family photo!

Check in later for Christmas Day photos!

See you next year!!! That joke never gets old.

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Scrappy Girl said...

Such a cute family! Glad you had a merry christmas!