Friday, January 2, 2009

Party Like A Rockstar ~ 2009

We rung in 2009 over at our friends Pam and Kurts house.

We were planning on just staying a few hours and get back home so Sophia could get to bed at a decent hour.

Little did I know our daughter liked to party like a rock star!!

Sophia had no problem staying up till midnight. She was more alert than I was when midnight came around.

We had a blast hanging out with the kids and playing rock band. I was so bad at the game but still had fun!

I was hoping because she was up soo late that she would sleep the rest of the night solid and sleep in. I was wrong. She woke every two hours thru the night and was ready to play by 7...I however was NOT!

The gang at midnight!

Me and the girls at midnight!

Sophia LOVES Elmo!

Alex pushing Taiya in her car

We are rock stars!!

Taiya's most adorable chair that Sophia loved to sit and read in!!

Here she is reading us a goodnight story!


chris said...

My little guy got the Elmo Live... He loves him! However Elmo's voice can wear on you after awhile. :) Happy New Year!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy New Year, Friend! I love that cute little Rocker! I am impressed she stayed up until midnight...wowser! Allikaye was out by 10...and that was late! :0)

Scrappy Girl said...

Gotta love Rock Band! What a pretty pink chair. Our 3 year old is loving the singing game on our Manga Dork's Wii...she knows alot of songs.