Friday, October 10, 2008

6 Random Things Part Deux

I was tagged by my friend Jen at Daily Mish Mash to do a meme of 6 random facts about me.

Then I remembered that I had done this Meme before. So I went back into the vaults of my blog to find it. There it was back in May...when I had only one bloggy friend! Yeah Amanda you know who you are!!

Looking back on my old posts was really cool and made me so glad that i started this blog.

Even though back then I seemed to be wittier and had more time to blog.

Lately I am too busy keeping up with an almost one year old. I don't blog when she is awake anymore only when she is napping, which seems to be less and less.

However if I want to accomplish anything for the day that is when I have to do it. Who needs showers or a clean house? Pshhh I don't. I'm coming to you live with a messy kitchen and bed head!

Soo with out further a do here is my new and exciting 6 random things about me!

If you want to look at my first ever meme click here!

1. My favorite snack in the whole wide world is popcorn popped in olive oil and sprinkled liberally with brewers yeast! It is so beyond tasty! My parents used to make this when we were kids. You may have never even heard of brewers yeast. It is a nutritional yeast full of vitamins and has a cheesy, nutty flavor. Sounds gross but is awesome!

2. If I know someone is coming over I go into a mad panic to clean my house. I can move in warp speed to clean my house when needed!

3. I like my fingernails really short.

4. I am newly obsessed with the toy isles in stores. Ever since we went looking to buy Sophia her first birthday present I have become obsessed. There are so many cool toys! They even have stuff that I loved as a kid. They have the Cabbage Patch Dolls that are the same as when I was young...even the same packaging. I wanted a Cabbage Patch soo bad when I was young. I remember seeing the dolls in their big boxes and drooling. I may have had the same reaction when I saw them a couple days ago. My Cabbage Patch dolls name was Lana Hannah. Do you remember your dolls name??

5. I am sick of cleaning bottles!! They never end.

6. I love watching the show Mad Men. I want to dress like I am a woman from the early 60's. I even want one of those old fashioned Playtex bras. I love the look of the era. I love men in suits.

So how was that for random?


Jen said...

I'm so glad I tagged you. That was a perfectly random post! I'm the same way with cleaning my house for company. I wish I could keep it clean all the time, but that is just never going to happen.

My cabbage patch kids were named Cromwell (He had curly brown hair--so cute) and Byron (He was a preemie). I don't remember the girl's name, but she had red braided hair. I loved Cabbage Patch Kids.

Lindsey and Adam said...

Okay, so I totally love my fingernails short, too!!
Also obsessed with toy aisles as well. Everything is so fun and brightly colored and shiny! Did I just sound like I have ADD right there?! :)
Annnnnnd, I too can clean at warp speed if people are coming over! My house has been in a disgusting mess since we've moved in and I am totally sick of it, so today is my cleaning day! The upstairs is totally to tackle the downstairs...
Oh yeah, my house is so filthy that when Makayla crawls around on the floor, her feet usually turn black.
I know, I'm ashamed. We bathe her very well, though. :D

amanda said...

joanna susana. for real. that was her name!! tee hee :)

i love your randomness friend. and i love sophie. and i love you!!

off to email you now...

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

I LOVE the toy aisle too! However, our house is over run with toys. We are going to have to get a bigger house because of the toys!