Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommy And Me - Self Portrait

Sophia is napping and I thought I would get on here and do a quick post.

You have to forgive me this week for being a bit lazy.

I haven't had the time to browse all my favorite blogs. I apologize for not saying hello!

This week seems like I can't quite get a handle on life. The house has been a constant state of mess even though I feel like I am constantly cleaning and tidying. I feel like I have been running in circles and getting nowhere! I have failed on the exercise this week. I have the energy of a sloth! Whoa is me. Snap out of it already! Quick where is coffee or mmm Diet Pespi?

A couple days ago I went to the health clinic where Sophia gets her immunizations. My friend and I stopped in before heading to the mall to get our babies weight checked. Sophia was last weighed at her Dr's at 9 months. She weighed 17.5 pounds. In my head I was thinking Sophia weighed at least 20 pounds. Maybe even more. She seems so big to me these days. I get her undressed and place her on the scale press the magic button and lo and behold she weighs 17 pounds and 14 ounces. WHAAAATT! How can she have only gained a few ounces?!?!? My mouth became dry and guilt kicked in. It has been 2 long months and my baby basically weighs the same.

How is this possible?

Yes she is a finicky eater.

Yes she did go through a 'hunger strike' a while ago.

But still.

I know she has gotten taller. All her pants fit in length and are huge in the waist.

A problem I wish I had not my daughter!!

I know she is healthy. She is full of energy and is happy. She has radiant skin. She eats what she wants and as much as she wants. When she is done she is done. I do not force the situation.

She has her one year check up next month. As much as I wanted to run and scream towards the Doctors office I have resisted. With much talk from my sister and mom I now feel less stressed about the whole thing. I know she is healthy! Maybe just maybe she has a speedy metabolism and won't have the same curse I have in life with weight. I hope so.

I went out and bought a bunch of new foods that I hope Sophia will like. I gave her peanut butter yesterday for the first time. It went over ok, she gulped down milk with her PB sandwich. Cute.

Oh right I named this Post 'Mommy and Me - Self Portrait'. Here is why. We attempted yesterday to get a photo together. Remember how I can only get pictures of the top of Sophia's head. Well now when I do get a picture of her face...her eyes are closed. Lord have mercy.



Jen said...

Once babies start moving around I think it is pretty typical to lose/not gain weight. I wouldn't worry too much. Those pics are too cute!

McMommy said...

The hamster running on the wheel and going nowhere??

Um yeah...that would be me.

I can totally relate to feeling like you are constantly cleaning, feeding, etc.....and then feel like you are seeing nothing for it!!!!

Sophia looks so cute and healthy...I don't think you need to worry at all!

Love your mommy & me shots!! You are gorgeous!

Christy said...

Don't stress too much about the weight gain thing. Porgie actually lost weight at one of her visits (I panicked, of course). You can't make her eat - all you can do is offer healthy foods.

The pictures are too funny! I can't believe she closed her eyes in every picture!

amanda said...

uhm hello at least you know how much your child weighs?? we haven't been to the doctor since she turned eight months old!! she will be eleven months tomorrow - i have no clue!!

and the pictures - adorable!!

BabaLinda said...

Okay, she's killin' me. Um, I think Little Miss Pearsonality totally suits this attitudinal little girlie. Yes, this IS VERY FUNNY.....

BabaLinda said...

YOU look fabulous!!!!!! Mom

Scrappy Girl said...

It is because she has started moving! Both Wild Child and Cutie Patootie did this! Don't worry...

Those pics are cute and it is funny how her eyes are closed in each one.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Honey don't worry about the weight thing. Ella weighs almost as much as Kyler does and they are 2 years apart! All babies grow and develop at their own rates. Don't stress Mama. It WILL be ok.

If it makes you feel better, K only weighs 23 lbs at his 2 year appt. Ella weighs 18 at 8 months!

PS Love those self portraits. How do you make them look so super!?

Elaine A. said...

I have a 16-month old that weighs 22 lbs. and the doctor called him a little person. WHA? No worries she looks happy & healthy to me!

Plus, you're both gorgeous! : )

Chelle said...

I know the feeling about the baby weight. Isabella weighs the same she did two months ago! They did not seem worried--and she is so long it's crazy. Sophia looks great to me, though!

And I love the self portraits! You two are beautiful!

The White House said...

Beautiful pictures~ no worries on the weight thing, she is a doll and looks very healthy.

Skyelarke said...

I think the photos are absolutely stunning; don't worry about the closed eyes. They add personality! Just call her cheese whiz (she's got personality!!!).