Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alex Turns One!

Sophia attended her first birthday party on Saturday. Our good friend and neighbor Alexander turned one!

Sophia had so much fun. It was a Backyardigan themed party. Sophia took home a Pablo and a Uniqua sippy cup and bowl, woot woot!

There was a crawling contest and Little Miss came in second! Can I hear another woot woot!!

Good job Jeannie on such a great first birthday party for your little man!!

The Little Party Goers!

(Sophia is the one with the maraca)

Alexander is One!

Let The Party Begin!

Enjoying Some Birthday Treats!

The Little Party Goers Enjoying Alex's New Wagon!


amanda said...

yay for first bday parties!!

honey what are we going to do?? it's almost our turn to have the big shin-dig??


Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Good times friend. Good times!

I need to get a birthday present in the mail for Miss Sophia. Can you email me your address?

Chelle said...

So sweet! I love all of the pictures...

Aw, our babies are almost next!!

Christy said...

The pictures are too funny. I love the one of all the babies sitting at the table!