Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bits And Pieces

Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been busy and I didn't know what to write about. Some days my mind just draws a blank! My mind still is a bit unsure what to write so I will just tell you some random bits and pieces.

I went to Church on Sunday! I got the courage up and finally went to a local church I had been wanting to visit. Sophia and I had a lovely time. Sophia acted like a little angel through the whole service. She loved it when we sang and she loved the stained glass window the church has. She really desperately wanted my mini Communion cup filled with grape juice. Bad idea. Anyways at the end of the service I met a really nice lady. She asked if I would be interested in joining in on their mommy group. I was like heck ya! I love me some mommy groups!! Seriously I love meeting new people and am excited to get to know women from this church!

I am really starting to feel like Calgary is home. We have lived here for a year and half. I feel like this is my community now. The area I am in has a small town vibe and I really dig it. Did I just say dig it? I did. I am getting involved in my community and gosh darnit I love it. I also signed up to volunteer at the old folks home. Sophia and I will visit weekly starting in August to brighten up the days of seniors.

(Ok I am sounding very Pollyana-ish. Maybe this will give me more street cred...)

I haven't had a cell phone in about 3 years. I had one once that I never really used. I am cool like that. However I told Chris I really wanted a cell in case of emergencies. I just wanted a basic phone, nothing fancy. My only request was that it be pink. Somehow I got a blackberry!! How crazy is that?!? I love it. It's pink. It's awesome. When I get a call/email/text I get crazy excited. The only problem I can never answer it on time because I get too excited I end up dropping it or I get so flustered I push the wrong buttons. I told you I was cool like that.

I am going to have a garage sale on Saturday with my neighbor friend Jeannie. I can't wait to rid my house of all my useless stuff that I have been hanging onto. It will feel so good to be done with it. Whatever I don't sell will be shipped off to the goodwill. Good riddance!!

Sophia is still being super finicky with eating. It is making me crazy. All she wants to eat is sweet potatoes and cheerios. What a well balanced diet. I am wasting so much food trying to get her to eat something else. I would like this phase to be over with now thank you.

And a post would not be complete with out some Sophia photos....

Did you know I have two teeth..I'm soo excited!!
Hanging Dora by her ankles...

P.S. I made the barrettes Sophia is wearing in all these photos. Go me!


Lindsey and Adam said...

Yay for going to church! See it wasn't that bad, right? :) And now you have a Mommy group to go to! Awesome!!!

Love the barettes you made Sophia! How'd you do it? She is so stinking adorable, I can't stand it!!!

Thanks for making me feel better about Makayla being "behind", which I know she's not, but sometimes ya just feel like that, you know?

And cloth diapers....ahhhhh, cloth diapers. You should seriously look into it. There is A LOT of information out there about it and there are so many options to choose from that it can be super overwhelming, but once you weed out the stupid stuff, you'll figure it out. Pocket diapers or all in ones are the way to go...they're the most like disposable, but you can reuse them! And you can use them with any other children you have! How great is that? Look at me...I'm such an advocate and my FuzziBunz is just sitting over there, taunting me..... <3

Christy said...

I need to have a yard sale too. I have so much baby crap that I don't need, and my mother just keeps sending more crap.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay for the mama group! Keep me posted on how it goes...so you HAVE to go! hehehe! I ALSO have a Blackberry Pearl! That MY hubby got me!! Mine is red! Man, we just are meant to be friends!
Oh, and Allikaye is still sticking with certain foods...and I am wasting stuff too - trying to get her to eat it!!
Oh! Beautiful barrettes! Tutorial??

amanda said...

totally agree with allikayes mama - must have a tutorial on the barrettes!!

and love the new pink phone!! honey how cool are you??

and as always, the pics are adorable!!

ps - totally dealing with ms picky eater over here too! she can't get enough baby yogurt and applesauce! every day...you just never know do you??

Jen said...

You go girl! First the church-going and then the barrettes! That is awesome. You really have been busy. I don't think you sound Pollyana-ish and even if you do I think it is great that you are doing all these cool things.

I can never get to my cell phone in time either. By the time I find it in my purse it has stopped ringing. I pretty much just use it for a voicemail for my business.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh! I tagged you over on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

housemaids knee is extremely, extremely painful. if it is housemaids knee, youl know about it-you wont be able to walk, and be in pain at slight movements. the name doesnt do it justice. all you can do is RICE-and take ibuprofen, 400mg-prescribed by the doctor