Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine Months Oh My!

On Sunday Sophia turned 9 months. Wasn't it just yesterday I said she was 6 months?? Like I have said about 1,000 times on this blog time is just flying by!!! Pretty please slow down.

Sophia had her well baby check up yesterday and all is good. She weighs a whopping 17.5 lbs (with clothes on)! She is petite for her age but healthy. I'm sure she would have weighed more if she hadn't gone on a hunger strike all week! I think she has stopped the strike and is starting to eat like her old food lovin self! Finally.

Today Sophia, her boyfriend Alex and Emmalynn had a pool party. Holla! They were so cute! Sophia wore her "beach volleyball" swimsuit. That would be her sporty bikini. The girl has three different suits to choose from. Her momma has issues when it comes to buying swimsuits. Can't get enough!!

Alex hot tubbin it up with da ladies!
(Sophia being a bit of a toy hog)

These toys taste sooo good!

Sun worshipper

Drying off and chilling with some apple juice yo!

Peace out homies!


Lindsey and Adam said...

She cannot get any cuter!!!!!!!!! Those pictures are adorable!!!!!!!
And Makayla was totally checkin' out Sophia in the bloggy world! She's all, I wanna meet that girl, Mommy! And I'm all, Well, you need to tell her Mommy to come out to California! So we talked and talked and we decided you and Little Sophia need to get your sweet booties out here. Now. We will not take no for an answer. OK, maybe we will....but we'll be sad about it!! :(

Thank you for the comments and then encouragement!! It's sooooooo hard struggling with her and then thinking you're all alone, too.

Air kisses to you, my friend!! <3

Lindsey and Adam said...

Oh yeah.
Cutest bikini I've ever seen.
But the baby's even cuter!!!!!!

Christy said...

She is too freaking cute!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Word!! I want Allikaye to SLOW down too!! Love how Sophia is rockin that suit! Peace out to you...homegirl!!

Chelle said...

OMG she is sooo cute! My daughter and her are almost the same age. Isn't it crazy how fast time is flying by?! Happy POW :)

Carol said...

A girl can never have too many bathing suits, right?

She is just adorable.

Jen said...

Oh I totally get the swimsuit obsession. I'm the same way with my daughter. She looks so cute, but then again when doesn't she??!!

amanda said...

our babies honey...nine months?? how crazy and impossible does that seem??

happy bday buddy :)

and the swimsuit pics are to die for!