Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Price Of Craftiness

I have been wanting to create a keepsake box for Sophia's little memorabilia. I have her teeny tiny nicu identity bracelets, her little cap the Dr's put on her right after birth and my hospital bracelet. I bought her a pair of shoes and the box they came in was perfect for my little keepsake box. I really had no idea what I was going to do with it. I decided to just plunge into my scrapbook supplies. I had no real action plan, I just started gluing and sticking a whole bunch of cutesie embellishments onto the box. I felt like I was 10. In the process of my mad "accessorizing" I burnt my fingertips with my mini hot glue gun. I was squeezing a huge glob of glue onto a button when it flipped and landed on my middle fingertip. Crap it hurt. While trying to get the darn button off my finger it landed on my other middle finger tip. Crap it hurt. I flung the button off and began to blow on my fingers. They instantly blistered. I ran them under cool water for about 10 minutes. I then whined and complained to my husband. That always seems to make me feel better. After taking some ibuprofen I came back and looked my glue gun in the face. It was not going to stop me. I finished my little box.

However I think I got a case of over decorator-itis. It's a bit much and not only did I feel 10 it also looks like a 10 year old made it. But oh well. I have not been crafty in far too long and it felt good (besides the glue gun incident). Typing by the way is a skill at the moment. No use of my middle fingers. I also made Sophia mini 'bejewelled' berets. They are quite cute actually, very blingy. I don't have pics as they are safely tucked away in Sophia's room where she is currently sleeping. No fingers were harmed in the making of the berets.

Here is a picture of my elementary school project


amanda said...

honey i WISH my elementary school projects were that cute!! i love it and don't think it's over decorated at all!! really - sooo very chic :)

Anonymous said...

You are an arteest!!!! Like the box says, "Precious!"

Heather said...

That is way to cute. Sophia will cherish that forever.

Jen said...

That is so precious! You are very crafty! Hope your fingers are feeling better soon!