Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Week

Last week my parents came to visit. My dad came to help my sister Gina move out of their house. My mom and I were in charge of Sam during the days. Oh what fun we had. We just played all day and enjoyed the nice weather.

Sam and Sophia playing with our talking bunny wabbit

Sam making it all better for Sophia (Note the little coin purse in Sophia's lap. She couldn't get enough of this little purse from Grama. Such a girly girl.)

Sam re-organizing my cupboards. It really needed help..so thank you Sam!

Seeing what it would be like to have two kids

Me and my little Princess


amanda said...

don't you love it when they have those totally girly girl moments??

so sweet the two of them are together! friends for life :)

Heather said...

A purse and a bow?! I love it!

Glad that Sam could help you reorganize. Those little ones are just so darn helpful huh!