Sunday, June 1, 2008

Auntie Sara

Here are some adorable pics of Sophia and her Auntie Sara!

(Yes, Sophia is wearing a headband bow..something I swore I would never do. Read this post. This is her Cyndi Lauper headband. I received this bow as a gift and couldn't resist. Now I am on a hunt to find adorable bows and hair accessories. I am thinking of dabbling in creativity and making my own. We will see)


Heather said...

No hairbows? Oh come on now mama. I LOVE hairbows on my little girl. I have one to match almost all of her outfits! I ordered mine online through various websites, but you could easily make them. Daddy just shakes his head when I put a bow on Ella, but they are just to cute not to put on!

amanda said...

oh how i love the hairbows. beans not so much. and daddy not so much. but occasionally mommy wins!

very sweet friend :)