Saturday, June 21, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Sorry dear friends for the very long departure from the blog world. Sophia and I got home on Thursday afternoon. The adventure home drained me for a few days. Let's just say the Vancouver airport was a nightmare and travelling with a baby made things very difficult! Luckily we had my sister Gina and her little guy Sam with us. Otherwise I think I would still be lost, confused and crying in the Vancouver airport.

How is Sophia doing you ask? She is doing great! It was pretty darn awful having her so sick and miserable. I ended up taking Sophia into a walk in clinic. The Dr. said it didn't sound like a typical stomach flu. He wanted to get a urine sample from her to see if it was a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection. Getting a urine sample from an 8 month old was very challenging! I won't go into details but you have to place a bag around her in her diaper and hope to God you get a sample. I barely did. I got a few drops. Sophia started feeling better the next day, no more fever and almost back to her cheerful self. We fly home. I assumed Sophia was fine since we never heard back from the Dr's office. Yesterday we got a phone call saying that yes in fact Sophia had a urinary tract infection. What?!? I promptly took her back to a doctor here. He made us get another sample from her. I gathered a lot more "sample" this time. We sent it to the lab this morning. Hopefully we will here back quickly. I am now a pro on collecting urine samples from a little baby girl.
Anyways she was sick almost our entire trip. I squeezed the two last days in with seeing friends and going out. The really sad part...I never made it to Target!!! I am still heartbroken. It hurts a little bringing it up.

All in all (besides the sick baby) we had a great trip visiting home. It was great hanging out with my little nephew Samuel and Gina. They are moving to Ontario in two days. It will be quite a while before we see them again. So this time together was fantastic. Samuel has the best personality ever! He cracks me up constantly and is so incredibly sweet. Sophia and Sam love each other. Sophia would smile and get so excited every time Sam would walk into the room. Sam would help Sophia all the time. He would give her her soother or sippy cup, he would point out her eyes to her (he was trying to teach her where her eyes were, this turned out to be a bit dangerous...but cute nonetheless) Sam is very observant and would watch us and copy what we did. We would always place this soft sheepskin rug on the hardwood floor so Sophia could play and have a soft landing if she tipped over. Every time Sophia woke up from a nap and came back upstairs Sam would run and find the sheepskin rug lay it out then go gather toys for her to play with. It was the.cutest.thing.ever!! There were so many countless adorable moments I can't even begin to tell them all. I will tuck them away in my memories and look back fondly on our time in Grama and Grampa's house together.

I will leave you with a few of our gazillion pictures from the trip. I will have to do installments of pictures from our trip over the next few days! Keep an eye out. I will not be disappearing again.

The calm before the storm. She got sick this evening.
(P.S. my bangs are tucked to the side, some days they just get in my my way. This day they happened to be bugging me..I know you care)

Auntie Gina and Sophia. Sophia loves her Auntie!

Sam the man!!

Sam helping Grampa mow the lawn

Grama and Sophia!

Grampa and his grandkids on Fathers day!

Sam having a tea party

The boy never fails to make me laugh!!!


Christy said...

Glad to hear that your baby girl is feeling better. The pictures to adorable!

Heather said...

Welcome home my friend. Two weeks is just too, too long! Glad to hear Sophia is feeling better. I bet that was a little stressful!

I am LOVING the bows in Sophia's hair. Are they stick ons or clips? Ella doesn't have quite enough hair for the clips yet.

Her smiles are just precious.

amanda said...

welcome home buddy :)

so sorry to hear that sophia got a uti!! no fun at all - although i am very impressed with your "bagging" skills!

the pictures are all adorable - so glad you guys had such fun!!

can i go to target for you and send you something??

Allikaye's Mama said...

Hi! I found you through Amanda...and glad I did! I love hearing about other cool mamas! And sorry about Sophie! I look forward to visiting again!

Jen said...

Cute pics! I'm sorry to hear Sophie had a UTI. They are miserable. I should know...I got one on my trip. :(