Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grampa's Garden

Have I mentioned what an amazing gardener my dad is?? Chris and I got married in the garden. So did my sister Gina and her husband Matt. My dad is a Pastor and he married me and both my sisters. How cool was it to walk down the isle with my dad in his garden and then have him turn around and marry us. Very cool. This garden holds special memories and it is really great to share it with Sophia and Sam.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our trip home. Sophia sitting with Grampa overlooking the garden.

Did you notice the awesome playhouse in the back?? One day Sophia will think she has died and gone to heaven. It even has lights and a loft upstairs. My mom has decorated it very sweet and is a little girls paradise...and maybe a big girls paradise as well!

Sam sweeping the playhouse steps for Grama...he is such a helpful boy!


Heather at a Big Boy, a Baby Girl, & a Precious Pug said...

She is going to have sooooo much fun in that playhouse when she gets older!

What a beautiful garden!

Skyelarke said...

Hey Laura, your parent's friend Kristi here. We met last summer at your baby shower, not sure if you remember ;-) Your mom sent me over here to see the pics from your trip. Sophia was sick the day i was supposed to come out to visit. So glad you all had a good time. The kids are so cute and you 3 sisters r all so beautiful! i really love your parents. they're like mine right now as mine are in edmonton... and your mom and i joke that God gave her a daughter and me a mom cuz ours r in alberta!!!
cheers & Hope to see you when you're next out!

Skyelarke said...

i just realized that the pic i use for my blog is the one your mom took of me!!! ha!

Jen said...

That garden and playhouse are amazing! I so wish I had a green thumb!