Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So yesterday Sophia had her first starfish swimming lesson! I can't even tell you how adorable she was in her red bathing suit. And I can't even tell you how much fun we had. Sophia LOVED it so much. I definitely have a waterbaby on my hands. The class was 30 minutes. We all gathered in a circle (there were about 10 other mommies or daddies with their babies) we started off by singing the wheels on the bus and holding our babies under the armpits and moving them all around, side to side doing circles it was tres fun. Sophia had her perma grin on all class. She does this thing where she opens her mouth as far as it can possibly open and just leaves it open. No sounds, no laughing just sheer joy in the smile. I love it. We sang a few songs and we floated them on their backs, tummies etc. THEN the teacher said we are going to do a song where we dunk our babies under water. Wow first class we already are dunking them? I was a little nervous but had already talked myself into knowing it was ok and that it was indeed good for them to learn and not be afraid of water. I just thought we would be a few classes in or the last class as their final hoorah into swimming. Anyways we start singing this song and we say 1,2,3 dunk and plop goes Sophia under water. I got so excited I went under water with her which I was not intending to do. No other mommy or daddy went under with them..hehe oops. We are special. Sophia thinks it's hilarious to go under water. Sophia went under water 6 times in total. Mommy is so proud. We also sat them on the ledge of the pool and gave them a toy just out of reach and have them reach and fall forwards and land in our our arms. Sophia was a champ. All she wanted was this little water can toy so she fell for the trick every time.

All in all we love our swimming class. I highly recommend it!!

Secondly I met a new friend Michelle and her little adorable baby girl Eloise. We met before class as we were putting on our babies swimsuits and little swimmer diapers. We instantly connected and jabbered all before class. A couple of the mommies I know from the mommy and me class were also in the class. What a blast. After class Michelle asked if I wanted to go to the mall and grab lunch. So fun. (Back of my head..crap what am I going to eat that's vegan-esque at the food court?) My other mommy friends thought I already knew Michelle and that we were long time buddies. They laughed when I said I just met her before class. They told me I could make a new best friend in an elevator. If you knew my Grama Eileen you know where I get it!

P.S. I ate a veggie sub from subway. Wholewheat, no cheese, no mayo just veggies and mustard. Surprisingly I didn't hate it. My new friend is stick thin ate a crap load of food and topped it off with a chocolate bar from Purdy's. No fair. I am not bitter.

I have been "vegan" for three days. I feel awesome. Seriously I feel great. I don't have that nagging feeling in my head saying you have to eat better, you shouldn't be eating that. I have a clear conscious and it feels great! I weighed myself this morning because I am way too impatient and poof I am down 5 pounds!! Crazy. I know it's water weight but hey I will take it!

Sorry I have no pictures today!! I didn't get a pic of Sophia in her red swimsuit because I didn't put her in it until at the pool. You can check out my old post for a pic of her at 4 months in her ultra cute suit. It still fits her. Even though she has grown so much. It's all that spandex.


McMommy said...

I met one of my best friends at a Mommy & Me class when matty was a baby!! So something tells me you and Michelle are going to be in each other's lives for a long time! :)

McMommy said...

I also meant to say CONGRATS! on being vegan for three days! I don't think I could ever do it...but you are giving me hope!

amanda said...

she's a waterbaby!! honey i love it!! i can't believe she actually was ok with the dunking!! and so funny that you went under with her too! she is one lucky little girl :)

as for your new friend...really i think i might have to talk to the hubby about moving to canada!! i love you and all your mommy friends :)

Heather said...

Kyler loved the water at that age. However, I took him the next year and he HATED swim class! Hopefully Sophia won't be like that!

I was a vegan for 10 years. When I got pregnant with the first baby I craved chicken and just couldn't keep with it. I don't eat red meat or fish, but I do have to eat chicken every now and then. Good luck with continuing on the vegan road. It's hard at first, but it's totally doable.