Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Many Pictures, So Little Time

Sorry I have not posted in a few days! It was a long weekend here in Canadaland and Chris' brother Andrew came for a visit. I did not get my usual computer time since Chris and Andrew were on both our computers playing their highly addictive video game. Sigh...boys. This is why I need my own *cough*pinklaptop*cough*!

On Sunday we hosted our first BBQ of the season. The weather was fantastic and sunny. I have so many pics from this weekend that I think this post will just be lots of pictures.

matchy matchy mommy and Sophia ready for the BBQ

Kisses from Daddy

mommy always makes me do a photo shoot

Soother clips are really tasty

Cousin Sam enjoying a tostito

Master of the grill, king of the Q

Auntie Sara and Cousin Sam

The Pearson's

(Not the best family photo, all the others Sophia is looking away or making faces)

Here is a cute clip of Sophia. She has learned a new trick, ha!

(Turn down your volumes because I am really annoying in the background. I had no idea Andrew was filming.)

1 comment:

amanda said...

yeah for your sunny long weekend!!

thanks for all the pictures - soo cute and soo fun :)

love her new trick by the way!! and that smile - oh honey!! so sweet!