Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day At The Park

Yesterday we continued our fun filled long weekend by meeting friends at a local Park. It was the perfect weather. Not too hot not too cool. We just lounged on blankets and drank frappucino's and ate giant cookies. I watched as all the toddlers ran by never letting their momma's have a break. I laughed knowing next year I will be that mom. As for now I am enjoying the fact that Sophia just stays put wherever I place her.

Sophia went down her first slide yesterday! Auntie Gina did the honors while I snapped a pic.


Darn these pics are too small. Our friend Kate took these photos for us and I just LOVE this pic!!

Here is our friend Dana and Miss Sophia Grace

AND this photo just makes me laugh so hard! Oh Sam you never fail to entertain your Auntie!!


amanda said...

even though it's small - you are right!! sooo super cute :)

what is it with hat wearing babies??

Blessings From Above said...

Adorable pictures!!!!

Looks like the perfect way to spend a spring afternoon. Thanks for sharing.