Friday, May 16, 2008

No More Debbie Downer

I did not mean to leave my blog on a downer post! Yuck, who needs that? I think it was the cold meds talking.

Today is an awesome day. Summer has arrived here in cowtown. Last week we had snow this week we have summer! Crazy. Today it is 29 degrees Celcius! That is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This morning me and my neighborfriend took the kiddos on a walk and hit Starbucks on our way. I even ordered an iced beverage. mmm. Iced chai lattes are good. We ended up walking around town and getting some summer goodies at our local Superstore. Love random summer stuff. Sophia scored some pink sandals and cute tank tops. I bought a beach umbrella. So fun! It is so nice to have met my neighborfriend. We met at a mommy and me group and come to find out we live back to back to each other. Our babies are two weeks apart. It is so much fun! I have been blessed with meeting her.

Sophia is now asleep and I thought I would do a quick post before tackling my mess of a house. Chis' brother Andrew is coming for the long weekend. So got to get things ready for his visit. Sophia has a bad runny nose and is a bit plugged up. She does not have a fever and is still in good spirits. Last night she had a hard time sleeping so she ended up sleeping with me. We took over the queen bed, sorry Chris!

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amanda said...

just checkin in friend :)

haven't heard from you in awhile and am hoping that everyone is feeling well!