Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Last night I was saying to Chris how much we need a video camera to record Sophia. He told me our old digital camera probably has a video option. Really?! I asked with enthusiasm. You see before we had Sophia I was the worlds worst picture taker. I never took photos. I always forgot to bring the camera anywhere important and had no idea how to actually use the thing. Once Sophia was born I turned into a picture taking-aholic. We bought an awesome digital SLR camera and I am never too far away from it. The funny thing is I was also never a computer person. I didn't even know how to send an email. Seriously. I wish I was kidding. Then I got a job which required some computer use and I have been addicted since. Now I have a blog. If you told me two years ago that I would have a blog. I would probably have said "a what"?? I have come a long way and still am learning all the time. The fact that I used Photoshop to make my own heading on this here blog still amazes me. I see other mommy blogs that are so cool. They have the cutest layouts and designs, they write so well and obviously have a grasp on grammar. One day I will get there but for now I am happy being somewhat computer literate.

P.S. One day my goal is to have a pink laptop! Reach high Becks! I almost got one for my birthday from Chris. However I decided we shouldn't spend the money on it since I technically don't need one. Curse my moral and rational brain!

Okay so here is Sophia's movie debut. She is tired in the clips. She had a nap about 10 minutes later. Next time I will record her when she is more energetic. Oh and I promise I won't talk as much next time as I do in these clips. I am so annoying. I am sorry.


amanda said...

honey seriously?? beans always puts her foot up while she is eating!! not to mention while she is taking a bath...laid back :)

also - i am totally with you on the pink laptop thing!! i got a pink phone and ipod, just need the laptop :)

amanda said...

uhm me again - sorry :)

i just tagged you for a meme - wanna play??