Friday, May 2, 2008

Shout Out To Grampa Troy!!

My mom told me just the other day that my Grampa Troy reads my blog every morning! Hi Grampa! I never know who is reading my blog and I love that my extended family in California are out there connected to our little world! I can not wait to visit California one day so you can meet Sophia in person and so she can meet you and feel the love!

I searched my computer this morning trying to find a picture of my Grampa and me and unfortunately can't find any. All the pictures I have are printed pictures. We will have to remedy that soon!!

Thank you Grampa for being such a fantastic Grampa and we love you and miss you out here in Canada!!

Here is my beautiful Gramma Eileen


amanda said...

oh how fun!!

i wish my grandpa could read my blog...really very cool friend :)

Aunt Sandra said...

Hi my Laura and Sophia, I enjoyed your blog but now I really need to meet Sophia. When I see pictures of Sam now I feel like I know him. It's time for Sophia to meet her Aunt Sandy! Love you!