Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Little Escape Artist

Chris and I have had an ongoing battle about highchairs. I know what a thing to battle about. He wanted to just buy a portable plastic mini seat that attaches to your chair. I think those are great for travelling but for everyday use I think it is impractical for our life. Our table chairs are very low. I would have to bend down to feed Sophia. Once she gets older she would never reach the table. We would see the top of her cute lil head only. So for a few weeks we have butted heads on the topic. Finally he decided he would venture out to look at what our options were. Once he realized the errors of his ways (haha) he chose THE MOST expensive model! I am not complaining one bit! However they only had a maple colored wood and our table is a dark wood. So now my job is to find the same highchair but in an 'espresso' finish. Hopefully this is possible, if not we will have an un-matching highchair and kitchen table..oh the horrors! Kidding.

This is why we need a highchair...

(Don't you just love her little elbows? umm and her knees and hands and legs and feet)

Busted trying to escape...

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