Friday, April 18, 2008

First Road Trip!!

We are heading out tomorrow morning to visit Sophia's Lola and Lolo. In the Philippines Lola means Grandma and Lolo means Grampa. Chris' mom is Filipino. His dad is I guess we can call him Grampa. Sophia's heritage is a VERY mixed bag! She has Italian, Spanish, German, Filipino and Scottish all mixed in there! Anywho they are so excited to see her. They have not seen Sophia since she was two weeks old!! Lola Joy always sticks pictures of Sophia on her fridge and talks with her as she goes about her day, awe sweeet!

It is about a 5 hour drive (maybe it's 4...I forget). I'm sure it will take longer anyways as I think we will make a couple stops along the way to get fresh air and get Sophia out of her carseat. It is a beautiful drive to Kimberly BC. Full of trees and mountains and greenery that we don't get to see living in flat land no tree Calgary. I have a tradition of spotting every waterfall as we drive by them. I have done this since I was a kid with my sisters. It gets very old very fast for Chris. I still get a kick out of it. I will teach Sophia on our way. Even though she is only 6 months and is facing the back of the car. It is never to young to instill traditions, hehe!

I am packing today and feel like I just need to shake our house upside down and have everything land in a magical bag like Mary Poppins. Babies need so much stuff and so do I!

Wish us luck on our first road trip. It has been snowing something fierce all day today. Gulp. That's okay Chris and I drove from Vancouver to Calgary in the dead of winter with an over packed car and a cat (who was traumatized for life) when we moved here and we survived. This drive is much easier. Plus I have an understanding with my Matrix she takes good care of us!!

Here are some photos of Lola Joy and Grampa Joe the one and only time they met Sophia...

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