Friday, February 18, 2011


sophia went on her first pre school field trip yesterday.

a field trip to the firehall!

the shiny new fire hall that is right up the street from our house.

the fire hall that we pass almost every day.

i remember when i was a little girl going to the fire hall in little 'ol bonners ferry.

the main thing i remember from my  field trip was seeing the fire mans big black boots and being amazed at how huge they seemed to me.

it was fun going in to Sophia's field trip with my own memories of my first trip to the fire hall.

i loved seeing her eyes light up with excitement and how she had to tilt her head all the way back to look at the big trucks. how she stood on her tippy toes to try and be as tall as the fire trucks wheel, how she was totally mesmerized with the cute fire fighter.

also, the fact that my little three year old was on a field trip? excuse me? how? she is still my baby. babies don't go on field trips!

pre field trip photo op!

my little beauty

she really got into posing for me ( a rare thing these days!)

sophia and all her school mates! can you spot sophia?
(miss linda is on the left in the green jacket)

i love sophia's drama girl! (everybody else is unphased, ha)

tippy toe reach and she is as tall as the wheel!

class photo!

sophia got nervous when it was her turn to sit in the firetruck. it took her a while to recover and didn't want to stand in for the class picture...that is why she is sitting in miss barbara's lap. did i mention she loves drama?

fire chief sophia!

i asked sophia what her favorite part of the field trip was. her answer was the doggy in the video named sparky! the kids got to watch a fire safety cartoon while the parents went upstairs and watched our own safety video. embarrassed to admit it but i totally got choked up and had a few tears run down my cheek while watching our video. i totally had to focus on something else so i wouldn't start crying like a fool and humiliate myself in front of all the other parents. let's just say after we picked daddy up from work we headed to canadian tire and picked up a new fancy fire alarm and a co2 alarm!


amanda said...

a field trip?? oh honey i would totally of had to go too!! i can't imagine what a basket case i will be when lilly and etta go on their first field trips!!

and the video? and the tears? totally get it!!

happy weekend friend :)

Chris said...

She indeed is a beauty! How are our babes growing up so fast?