Monday, February 21, 2011

i may have a problem

so what have i been up to?

lots and lots of painting.

obsessed could be the word.

i have done so many up-cycling projects lately.

i need a cooler word.


still not that cool.

i always tell people i like to do crafts.

i despise that word.

we really need a new word for craft.


until a new cool word comes along we'll just say up cycled.

so i have up cycled quite a few pieces as of late.

here is my coffee table thatshouldhavebeensupereasy turned terriblywrong project

but i learned a lot...

sanding the shine away, getting ready to prime it.
i liked it dark too. just doesn't go with my decor this way. also there was a lot of scratches that needed sanding out
i love my dad's power sander. it's my new best friend.

(bought at value village for 14.99)

pretty details

i primed it white, then painted it gray. it looked really pretty gray. i could have just been done at this point.

but no i had to try my hand at crackle...."friends don't let friends crackle" my sister later told me she read a blog post titled that.

too little too late...

crackle disaster nightmare.
my coffee table looked like it had a skin disease. not pretty.


many moons later

plus lots of sanding and fresh coats of paint i finally  had a white coffee table that i am quite fond of.

even though it was a major pain i learned a lot.
that is how you become good at something right?
 trial and error.
it's still not perfect but it's good enough!


did you notice my white frame above my couch?

this is how that bad boy started out.

gold and goddy just the way i like them!!

*(these frames were originally marked at $69.99 and $49.99 ridonculous! so me and my mouth complained at the horrible pricing system vv has and the manager gave them to me for $5.99 and $4.99!! bingo! plus i had my mom with me can we say seniors discount? i got 30% off those bad boys. it was the deal of my life. sometimes it really does pay to have a big mouth and actually use it!)

addicted to white paint!

i also painted a wee stool for sophia

my newly painted frame plus some vv dishes and the sconces i previously painted.
not so sure how i feel about the plates hanging in there yet. doesn't quite go. but i don't have anything else for inside the frame. i'm sure one day i will change it.

love this one

i didn't make the birds but wanted to show you my little birdies hanging in my window.
i bought them from here on etsy 

and here is a sneak peek!

i transformed this wooden play cupboard into a kitchenette for sophia

she loves it!

it is now downstairs in sophia's new playroom!

on saturday i painted my parents basement

(im getting realllly good at painting)

 brought down all her toys

and set up a little girls paradise!

it is cozy and cute and gives us so much more room to play!!

my parents rock in case you didn't know!

i also made sophia the cutest chalk board you ever did see.

stay tuned!!

p.s. if you want to see my previous before and after projects click here


Allikaye's Mama said...

This is my second attempt at a comment - my other got deleted? And it was way longer and better - but basically I am in love with the frames, the white, the coffee table!! So great! And I like the plates in the frame! I can not wait until garage season here to get me some big frames! And that kitchen is adorable - good job! Can;t wait to see more!

amanda said...

why can i not find any of these frames?!?!?!? i love them and am loving all your up-cycling!! seriously friend you have mad skillz!

can't wait to see pics of the new playroom!!

Anonymous said...

Laura, you are awesome. You get the best finds and prices but you also finish them! They look amazing. I'm so jealous! You inspire me. Love you, Aunt Sandy

Gina Woods said...

Looks great Laura! Like the white pillows on the couch :) I think you should just leave them white and not paint them. They look great!
You put me to shame. I have done nothing in my house since you left! Sigh...

BabaLinda said...

it could be genetic - why else would you run into Dad after meeting Mom at the same Value Village?????

danielle @ take heart said...

you area amazing!

everything looks fabulous! love your style :)

danielle @ take heart said...

hey, lady!

because there was so many comments you have to click over to newer and newest down at the very bottom of the first page of comments :)