Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Short and Sweet

.....just like Sophia.

Today's post will be short and sweet.

I start my training today for my old/new job.

I hope my brain still works in other areas besides being a mommy.

Sometimes I wonder. Has my brain gone to mush?

Yesterday I watched Alex. He was great...still working on Sophia.

Sophia has a cold and now I think she has a blocked tear duct. Her eye is a bit swollen and is leaky and gunky. Too much information? It was quite swollen before bed last night, made me feel a bit nauseous. (I get nauseous when I feel bad for my daughter, it's my heart hurting for her and in turn makes me feel nauseous ) It has gone down this morning. If it gets worse again I will take her in to the Dr.

Chris and I both woke up with a cold. Yay.

Sophia is now desperatley trying to get in my lap to destroy the computer so I must say adieu to you and you and you.


BabaLinda said...

She's my sweet baby grand girl. Glad she let you take a picture. Her hair is looking cute too. Sweet dreams, Sophia. Take a nice nap and let mommy get her work done today. Hope your cold doesn't get you down and that you have lots of energy for the work ahead. Love, Mom

amanda said...

good luck friend - i know you will do great!!

and here's hoping you all feel better :)

Christy said...

That picture of her sleeping is precious.