Thursday, January 22, 2009

As of Late

Here we are January 22 and my little girl is 15 months and 9 days old!

I know I am repetitive on the subject but holy cow where did my baby go?!

Sophia no longer has any bottles, she eats with a fork (most of the time), has 8 teeth and counting, throws mini meltdowns, sleeps through the night (hallelujah!), has one nap a day, can communicate and get her point across by pointing and showing me what she wants. Does not want any bow, barrette or ribbon in her hair!! I am lucky to get a ponytail in some days!! She just pulls it all out! She loves Lilly and says 'Lilly' and tries to pick her up like a doll. Lilly on the other hand does not like it!!

She can't get enough of her babies! She always seems to have one in hand. She feeds them their bottles, brushes their hair, tries to put her shoes and socks on the babies. Last night she brought her favorite baby into the bath with her. She was holding her baby as I was filling up the bath. (She has to always be present as I fill the tub) I wasn't looking and in went her baby. Eeek I shrieked but then realized this particular baby can go in the bath and is quick drying. Yay for Grama Linda on getting Sophia this baby! Sophia held the baby all through the bath and got extremely annoyed when I tried to take baby away!

I just started watching my friends little boy once or twice a week. I started yesterday. Let's just say the little boy was an angel. Sophia on the other hand does NOT like sharing her toys, space or her mommy! I am happy I have this opportunity to take in Alex. It will teach Sophia how to share and let me get used to the idea of having two kids! Alex is a month older than Sophia so I have two little one year olds toddling around! I slept really good last night after a busy day!

I will most likely be taking on another part time job. When we first moved to Calgary my previous job let me work from home. I spoke with my old manager this week and they offered me a job too good to pass up! I will work around Sophia's schedule. It is mostly phone work, calling Realtors and clients connecting the two and being the follow up person. I can work when Sophia naps and on the weekends! I am actually excited to go back. I wasn't ready until now. I still am not ready to work away from home and not be with Sophia. I am too much of a wimp to leave her! I realize I am very lucky to have this opportunity!!

So between my watching Alex and my soon to be part time job I am going to be very busy!!

I don't have any new pictures... so for that reason I just snapped some pics of my sweet pea for your enjoyment! I still can't get a normal picture of her! She always makes a face and does not want her picture taken! I see my future years all to clearly!! Sophia is going to be quite the teenager!

Do you see my point?? Attitude!


amanda said...

i think her and beans really must be long lost sisters :)

do we know what the half way point is between your home and ours?

can you just imagine the fun the two of them would have together??

happy 15 months sweet one :)

Scrappy Girl said...

She is still a cutie though! Sounds like a great job opportunity! Good luck with it!

chris said...

Congrats on the job opportunity!

Jen said...

What a diva! ;)

Good luck with your new job! It sounds perfect!

Carol said...

She is so cute, even with attitude!!

Just thinking about chasing after two 1 year olds makes me feel sleepy.

Sounds like crazy busy times for you!!!