Friday, December 5, 2008

Smarty Pants - 13.5 months

*Points to her nose, my eyes, dolls eyes when asked "where's the dolls eyes?" etc..

*Will also bat her eyelashes when asked where her eyes are..cutest thing ever!

*Says "Jigeee" or "Hi Jigee" when she sees Lilly our cat! (It took me a while to realize what she was saying. Then all of a sudden I was like she has been trying to say Lilly all this cute are you!!)

*When I am unloading or loading the dishwasher she goes and grabs her alphabet magnets from the fridge and starts putting them in the dishwasher..such a good helper!

*Starts to growl when she plays with her little Polar bear cute!

*Pats her belly when I say "belly, belly, belly"

*Flushes the toilet...haha

*Tries to put on her own shoes

*Loves to put things inside of things... including herself, loves to sit in her toy box.

*Plays with Tupperware and puts a spoon inside and pretends to smart!

*Always has to brush her own hair when I bring out the brush...such a girlie girl!

*Knows how to climb backwards off of the couch..hooray!

*Likes to sneakily lift up my shirt and point at my stomach...lovely!

*Opens her mouth and lets me floss her teeth...yet hates her teeth being brushed...go figure!

*Brings me toys when I ask her to "bring that to mommy" obedient!

*Knows when she is doing something naughty, looks busted when I catch her and will try to give me her innocent face...think puss in boots!

*Will steal a toy from her friend Alex and try to run away with it so fast that she trips and falls...shouldn't be laughing but we laugh so hard at this one!

*Loves the Christmas tree and stands in front of it and says "oooohh"... I never get enough of that!

There are so many things you do every day that bring me smiles and new things daily that surprise me.

Even though we are going through some rough teething days these are the things that make each day even more special and make me so happy to be your momma!

Escaping with Grampa Bob's hat...

Mommy embelished it...haha...

Doesn't want to wear Grampa Bob's hat anymore!...


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

That's one smart cookie:) I may steal this idea from you though for Ella's 11 month post. Do you mind?

amanda said...

it really is crazy how smart they are isn't it?? or maybe what's more crazy is how heart swelling proud we feel when we see them do these things :)

Scrappy Girl said...

What a wonderful record for Sophia...time flies and you forget alot of the little things!