Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where to Begin?

Hello my long lost bloggy buddies!

Sophia and I have been busy little bees around here!

First we had Sophia's Lola Joy and Grampa Joe come for a visit.

Then Auntie Gina and Cousin Samuel came for a visit.

I made my "pirate face" for them.

I decided that I didn't want to celebrate Halloween this year and instead decided to get a high fever for a few days. That was fun.

I also decided that while my cousin Sam was here I didn't want him to play with my toys or hug my mom or come within a 3 ft. radius of me. That was also fun.

This was what I looked like for most of the visit...

...but my cousin Sam and Auntie Gina were good sports and we love them and miss them so much!!

Samuel had daily jam sessions and the kid has quite the rhythm!

Oh did I mention my mom decided to rearrange the whole house in between visits?? I think she is crazy and likes to make her life difficult. She managed to paint the whole basement and make the playroom downstairs. It was lots of work and I had to smell paint for a few days but it was worth it! I love my new playroom!

Did I also mention that my Auntie Sandy is coming from Kelowna on Saturday for a visit? Our house is Grand Central Station! I am a very lucky girl and very much loved!!

I also have a birthday party to attend and a zoo playdate.

One more thing.... it snowed today!! Maybe later mommy will bundle me up in my new snowsuit and play in the snow!


Allikaye's Mama said...

First of all...I have missed you!
Second...Allikaye and me LOVE the hairbows you made! Thank you so very much! That was beyond sweet of you!! I am still planning on posting them soon! Are you going to sell them? You should!!

Big Boy, Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug said...

Snow??? Ugg!!

Looks like you guys have been busy!

Missed you!