Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Bloom

I finally did it!

I started an Etsy shop.

I have made Sophia barrettes for a while now and always have so much fun doing it!

She gets compliments when we are out and about when she is wearing the blooms.

So I decided what the heck lets start an Etsy shop!

Etsy is just so very cool and I admit it does intimidate me.

People sell the coolest handmade items on Etsy and I feel a bit out of my league!

I love my barrettes and have faith that someone out there will love them too!

I have different sizes available. The small barretes are just perfect for the little girl with barely there hair!

So take a look. I hope you like what you see!!


Big Boy, Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug said...

You know how I love your barrettes!

Lindsey and Adam said...

I'm so going to check it out right now!
Yay you!! :D

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay! And I will say it agiain...I LOVE the clips you made for Allikaye! LOVE them!

amanda said...

as a mommy of a child with tiny wisps of hair - i must say these are the best barrettes EVER!!

not to mention super cute :)

yay you!!

Christy said...

I will check out your shop. I have been looking for some bows to match Porgie's Christmas dress.

Jen said...

Those are absolutely adorable! I wish my brother was having a boy so I could buy a set for his baby due in a few weeks. Good luck with your new biz!!