Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Posts For the Price of One!

I hope all of my American family and friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

I could totally go for some turkey and stuffing right about now,yum!

I just wanted to post a video of Sophia walking for all of her Grandparents and Aunties out there!

She has never looked back since taking those first steps and she walks everywhere!

It never fails to make me smile when I look over and see her walking, I am so proud!

In other news I have been learning how to sew!!

I have my moms old sewing machine.

My sister came over the other day and taught me the basics of sewing.

I did take sewing in grade 10 but at the time it went through one ear and out the other.

My social life was much more important than retaining useful information!

I have been itching to learn how to sew for a while and can't wait to get better and better.

My mom is a fantastic sewer.

She sewed everything from our clothes to our bedding to curtains and dolls.

She even made my prom dress.

When I wanted something cool from the store she used to always say...
" I can make that for you".

Ugh how that used to get on my nerves!

Maybe that was the reason why I was so passive when it came to learning how to sew as a teen.

But now I find myself saying...
"if I just knew how to sew I could make that".

Funny how life is!

So here are my first projects as a new sewer. I hope you are proud mom!

The larger bag is for diapers and wipes. The second is a little bag for makeup or what have you.

I also took in some of Sophia's pants in the waste. I felt very motherly and domestic! I love it!


Jen said...

She looks so cute walking! So proud of herself for being such a big girl.

You need to come to MD and show me how to sew. I have no clue. Is it really hard?

Gina Woods said...

Ahhh, Little muffin! What a cutie pie my little niece is! I miss you guys. Now Sophia can keep up with her big cousin!

Scrappy Girl said...

What cute little creations! I hate to sew but my mom LOVES it! Sophia looks so cute walking.

Anonymous said...

Laura I am so proud of your sewing skills. It's funny because we come from a family that sewed everything when we were kids, but like you I never really caught on. I used to think patterns were like reading a foreign language. I have been quilting and finally got my own sewing machine, and I just love it! I used to think I didn't really know how to sew but I am definitely catching on, and it is addictive. Love you! Kristy