Monday, November 24, 2008

The Last Of The Birthday Parties

Saturday was our little friend Paige's first birthday party!

She is the last one in our baby group to turn one.

I still can't believe they are all one now!

We have gone to four 'first birthdays' since the end of September.

It has been so much fun and the babies always have a blast playing together!

So do the mommies!

I might go into withdrawals from not going to any more birthday parties!

Here is Sophia dressed and ready to party it up!

Playing with all of Paige's awesome toys!!

Actually eating Paige's cake!

She has never once touched birthday cake...even her own! I guess Paige's cake was the best!!

I just had to show you the party girls little bloomers!!

She had the cutest little dress on complete with crinoline and bloomers!!

AND the cutest picture ever!!

Sophia and her girlfriends looking out the window!

I just love these little girls!

(It's just a small picture because my friend emailed it to me. I don't have the original picture)


The Crocks said...

Oh man! So cute!
Wish we could have joined in on the fun!
But Makayla's birthday party is January 10th, so feel free to stop by! ;)
Even though it's technically next year, we've still got one more 'first birthday' party for you to attend!
Hope you can make it! :D

Christy said...

I love that picture of all the kiddos from behind. Too stinking cute!

amanda said...

honey you are right - she was totally robbed of the cutest baby title!!

for real honey - she is sooo stinkin cute!!

Scrappy Girl said...

That last picture makes me want another I am not going to look at it anymore...LOL! That is really cute!

BabaLinda said...

I have a picture of you that looks just like the top picture of Sophia. Like mother, like daughter - the cutest girls in Calgary. Mom