Monday, November 17, 2008

Look Who's Walking

Ordinary boring old yesterday turned out to be a big day in Sophia's world.

Firstly one of her top teeth finally broke through! Mommy is very happy about this one!

Secondly she just started out of the blue!!!

I would not say she is an expert walker yet by any means.
She just started taking 6 steps at a time last night, fall down, get up, and do it all over again!

Chris and I just looked at each other and were like 'wow' this came out of nowhere.
I guess we will have a walking baby very soon!!

I was so worried about her being a late crawler.

She was 10 months before she crawled.

She had no 'practice' crawling before hand.
There was no wounded soldier crawling (a term coined by my sister), no rocking back and forth crawling just BAM...crawled like a pro and took off.

I think it might be the same with this whole walking thing.

Here are some pics from last night as I frantically tried to take pictures of her first walking moments!!

So proud of you my little peanut!

P.S. Don't forget to vote!! I have no shame!


Chelle said...

Yay, Sophia!! What an exciting nite you all had!!

So happy you caught it on camera, too!

amanda said...


yay you and yay sophia!!

such a big mommy/baby moment :)

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Way to go Sophia! Ella just took off walking the other day too! It's crazy how quickly it happens huh!

Scrappy Girl said...

How exciting! That is great Sophia! I bet she will be a cutie with tiny teeth too.

The Crocks said...

Yay for the both of you!
She is too cute girl!!
They are such a blast, aren't they?
I can't wait for Makayla to start walking!! :D

Anonymous said...

I've always thought she looks like Chris, but I definitely see you in her "get up and go!" face!