Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going To The Zoo...How About you?

While Sam and Gina were here we went to the zoo!

As a baby shower gift my sister Gina gave me a years pass to the local zoo.

Let me tell you what a great gift idea that is! I have used it so many times I have lost count!

I have to say though that this particular trip was by far my favorite!

It was the perfect day.

I was so happy to be spending time with my amazing sister and nephew.

The weather was perfect.

Not too cold.

There was hardly anyone there.

It was like our own private zoo.

The animals were all out front and they were waiting for our arrival.

I have never been so close to two massive hippos in my life.

The baby giraffe played and ran right in front of us.

The baby gorilla and the silver back gorilla were right there...just waiting to say hi.

Sophia LOVED it!

She was laughing and pointing and having a great old time!

Such a great day to spend with my sister and nephew.

I miss them so much already.

Me, Sophia and Sam

Cutest, bestest nephew on the planet

"Auntie Lorda" and "Cousin Kophia"... that's what Sam calls us.

Enjoying a snack together!


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Jen said...

I just voted! I tried yesterday but the site was down or something. That picture is so adorable!

amanda said...

that is a great baby gift!!

yay for the zoo!!

McMommy said...

Oh the zoo is so wonderful! We also have family passes and are there all the time. The boys love it!!

Sophia is so stinkin' cute!! I love her coat!

Christy said...

What a great gift idea. I love Sophia's coat! Too cute:)

Kelly said...

Not sure if you still stop by my blog but wanted to invite you - if you want to be able to see my blog please email me...