Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Bit of A Mish Mash

Do you remember this post?

I feel like part of the reason I am failing on blog posts is because I still have a hard time getting good pictures of Sophia.

I have a big camera. It is a great camera but not very stealth.

It makes a huge flash.

If I don't use the flash I end up with a blurry picture.

As soon as she sees the camera she charges me.

As soon as the flash goes she makes her "pirate face" and closes her eyes.

It is so frustrating, yet really funny.

(my sisters and nephew with Sophia the pirate)

Anyways so much has happened since her first birthday.

Sophia went to the dentist.

I will save that for another post!

My parents were here.

Chris parents were here.

My sister and cutie nephew were here.

My sister in law was here.

I failed at taking pictures!!!!

So I will try and salvage some pics from the 'closed eyes, pirate face' photos I have.

When my parents came they brought with them a bag full of clothes. The clothes were from a Vietnamese family who has a little girl. Sophia scored all her clothes that she has outgrown!

...hence the reason Sophia is wearing an Ao Dai while helping mommy fill the bath

Grama Linda and Sophia sharing her new 'cat eye' sunglasses while wearing her party dress.

Trying to get a picture of Sophia wearing her new bracelet from Grama and Grampa, didn't work very well...

Trying to get a picture yesterday with no flash...yet she still is squinting, funny girl!

I am on a mission to get some quality pictures i tell ya!!


Dont forget to vote today!

Click here and find # 1802 and vote,vote,vote!!

Or go to the main page

She is on page 36 #1802

You guys are the best and I really appreciate you taking the time to vote!

(Today the website is up to speed and should work with no glitches!!)

Love ya!


Chelle said...

Of course I voted can I not! I am really rooting for you guys :)

I think her little scrunched up face is so cute!! It makes her look adorable :)

And as always, I'm loving her clothes!

Scrappy Girl said...

I voted! Sophia is such a cutie! Hope she wins!

Scrappy Girl said...

BTW...thank you for the compliments on my invites...if ya lived near me you could definitely hop in the Escalade and party with us! Dr. Hubby is babysitting! Sophia would love my 2 little ones!

amanda said...

love the pirate face honey :)

but i totally understand the frustration - beans always snatches the camera from me!!

i voted again today!! whoo hooo!!

Christy said...

It only gets worse. Just wait until she is a toddler. It is practically impossible for me to snap a good picture of Porgie.