Friday, August 29, 2008

Funny Happenings Of Yesterday

Sophia is turning into a little character. She has always tended to be a bit serious. Nothing like me. More like her dad. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However Sophia is starting to turn into a little nut bar.

Yesterday everything was cracking her up. For instance after her nap we sat and snuggled on the couch and watched the Backyardigans. We were side by side. She would quickly turn and look at me. In return I would quickly turn my head towards her and smile. She would crack up. She then returned to watch the show...then quickly look at me again. I would quickly look at her and we would crack up together. We played this game for oh about 10 minutes. It never lost it's humour.

Later in the day we were eating dinner. She was done eating and I was just finishing up. She started to talk really loudly and make all sorts of loud funny noises. For the fun of it I started to take my hand and cover and uncover her mouth very quickly so her noises sounded funny. She thought that was the best. She would laugh as I did it and her laughs sounded hilarious. After I stopped she tried to do it herself. So cute! Later as I was cleaning up she tried to grab Chris' hand to make him do the trick.

I just love this stage that she is in. We have so much fun!

Yesterday at bath time I put bubbles in her bath. I haven't done that in a long time. She was fascinated by the bubbles. She would stare at them on her hand and try to eat them. By doing this she would cover her chin in bubbles. This made me crack up which in turn made her crack up. There is something very funny about a baby cracking up with bubbles on her chin! I wish I had a picture!!


BabaLinda said...

Just remember that she's not called Little Miss Pearsonality for nothing!!! It is so exciting to watch her personality take shape. What a girl!!!!

Rabacal said...

What a wonderful time of life. I am so happy for you! She is such a treasure and it's really nice that you are enjoying her so much and appreciating every sweet moment. I feel that way about mine as well.

Christy said...

So sweet. She sounds like a ton of fun! I sat Izzy in front of a mirror today, and he was shrieking with joy. So cute!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I feel the same way! Sometimes I will just smile at Allikaye and she will laugh! Oh the joy! You should watch the panda video with Sophia! We find it quite funny!

chris said...

Jack does that with bubbles too. They are so much fun when they start to find humor in things! Glad it was fun. ;)

amanda said...

it really is sooo much fun isn't it friend??

our two wild little women sure do know how to make their mommy's day!!

Chelle said...

Hehe! So cute!

I love when babies just crack up...over anything :)

Jen said...

I remember the cracking up stage very well. It was great fun! My son would laugh over the silliest things. We had a weed in the garden that he found hilarious. Luckily we got a few cute pics of him and his "funny" weed. :)