Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My List

I love lists. I love crossing them off when I have completed the task.

I have so many things I want to do or accomplish these days. Yet so much of my down time I sit at my old laptop obsessing over other mommy blogs. It's not a bad thing. I just waste too much time doing this.

So here is a list of things I want to accomplish aside from blogging:

  1. Make barrettes for Sophia - Go to Michael's and purchase awesome sharp scissors and cute ribbons etc.
  2. Order photos of Sophia's last 6 months for her scrapbook. I have only made it to month 2 so far.
  3. Buy wooden blocks to make super cute "Sophia blocks" that I saw on her fantastic blog and want to copy!!
  4. Organize all my craft supplies - currently they float from room to room creating messes
  5. Continue going to the gym in mornings - This is trickier than it sounds, the gym daycare is only open from 9-12. Sophia naps right at that time and by the time I get us both ready etc etc I have run out of time. If Sophia sleeps in till 8'ish we are gold and can make it happen. If she wakes up earlier she is a cranky bear and neeeds her awesome one and only long nap. (I will go further into this in another baby only has one nap a day).
  6. Go to Church - There is a Church I drive by often and it looks warm and fuzzy. I just have to get up the gumption and go and not be a fraidy cat.
  7. Give up or drink less of my sweet nectar of the Gods - Diet Pepsi
  8. Get my bangs trimmed- ok that is an easy one
  9. Learn how to sew - This one is harder. I took home ec, my mom and sisters sew. Yet somehow my brain can't retain the skills to sew. I want to take a basic sewing skills class. I can't even figure out how to thread my sewing machine that is hiding in a dusty box.
  10. Give myself a pedicure - easy. I am an esthetician after all. Just a lazy one.
  11. Buy new Cd's - I am so in need of good music. I listen to the same stuff all the time. Plus I don't want to download music I want real life Cd's that I have a real life copy of.
  12. Keep House cleaner and be a better housewife - I wish I loved to cook and clean. I don't. I do it (most of the time). I just want to enjoy cooking not loathe it. Need better attitude about it.
  13. Stop my negative thoughts - The I am so fat, bad hair, weird feet, no eyelashes banter I have with myslef on a daily basis.
  14. Go to bed earlier - I always get a second wind at night.
  15. Stop spending money on unimportant crap that I can't get enough of - I love random unessentials. I don't need another bottle of lotion or that eyeshadow or ALL the baby stuff I accumulate. I also have to stop buying new diaper bags. I have issues. I have bought 3 and Sophia is only 8 months.
  16. Actually water my plants and grass - I can not fail Lola Joy and Grampa Joe.
  17. Be a better mommy - This will be an ongoing one. I want to be my best for Sophia and future little Pearson's. By doing most of these things on the list i will be a better mommy.

This list could be endless. I will keep updating and scratching off items as life goes by. I just wanna be the best Becks I can be. Little by little.

Peace out peeps.


Lindsey and Adam said...

Oh how I also love lists!!!
And those blocks....I so totally want to do that, too! I mean, how cute are they?! It's too bad you don't live in California...we could totally scrapbook and make blocks together!
I'm also right there with ya on the scrapbook, except I have done NONE of Makayla's. Yeah, I'm a slacker.
And the cooking and cleaning....also there.
I think we will be great friends!!!! :D
Oh yeah and I loathe plants.

Christy said...

When you learn how to use that sewing machine, you'll have to teach me. I begged by husband to buy me a sewing machine, which I have no idea how to operate. It is frustrating when you want to be crafty, but are too stupid to but thread in a sewing machine.

Jen said...

I could take most of this list and post it on my blog. We are so much alike!! Especially #7, 12 and 14.

As far as church, don't be afraid of going at all. Most churches are begging for new members and will be very warm and welcoming.

Good luck with your goals.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay! You better post about those blocks when you make some! I can't wait! Also - I just ordered lots of pics of Allikaye from - they turn out great and are cheaper than all the chain stores out there! AND if you go to and type in 'snapfish' you can get a coupon code for more $ off! Okay and one more thing - I just bought COlbie Caillat's new CD - and I really recommend it! Great summery and BUBBLY!!
Bye, friend!

The White House said...

ooooo, I love your list! Sounds like some fun things in the future. Can you come give me a pedicure when you are done? Coming to you through POW

Mamasphere said...

I'm a list maker, too! I would be lost without them. Totally and completely lost, lol.

I just learned how to knit (basic stuff) and am dying to learn how to sew. I keep thinking of all the cute things I could make but for my brain.

The Walsh's said...

HA! I agree with the sweet nectar of the Gods, except I opt for the diet coke instead. My other sinfully sinnister sin is the Devil's gravy - Hellmann's Mayonnaise. Yum.

And I say just march into that church. Try it. Nothing to lose, eh?

Scrappy Girl said...

Love the list and I don't blame you for wanting to create those blocks. Too cute!

I love lists too and mine have turned into a whole binder with dividers for each "role" I play: christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, DIL, SIL, scrapbooker, etc.

Love your blog.